Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its A No Go

Bad news for J and I this cycle.  I've been in pain, pelvic pain, for about two weeks now and I found out the cause today.  I have an ovarian cyst.  I knew I did when the Robaxin and a hot bath didn't ease the pain this past week.

Today I had my ultra sound to see just how many ripe follicles I have this cycle.  J is doing his field exercise this week, so getting an appointment with several of the doctors being out for field exercises and having him be able to be there to discuss options was very difficult, nigh impossible with the pressure from his chain of command.  I have to remember it is mission first and family last.  He has a job to do.  We wanted to find out, since this is my fifth cycle of clomid, what the options are for the next cycle.  I needed him there as this affects his life too.

Good news is that I can stay on clomiphene citrate for twelve cycles.  Bad news is that I have an ovarian cyst that is 2 inches across.  A bit bigger than a golf ball.  So there will be no IUI this cycle and I have to stop taking the Clomiphene Citrate as of today. I have to wait until the first day of my next cycle to get another ultra sound to see if the cyst has resolved or if they are going to have to remove it.  I hope it goes down.

We can try on our own this cycle without the aid of artificial means but we were warned to be very careful as intercourse could cause the cyst to rupture which would be a very bad thing.  I like to take chances.  I'm thinking we should still give it a try.  So with that said I have ready the ovulation prediction kits. 

Wish us luck.

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