Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dukan Diet

Yesterday while web browsing I came upon a diet that looked rather familiar and could possibly work with my lifestyle, The Dukan Diet.  I plan on purchasing a copy of the book as soon as it is available in April through Amazon.com.  It is rather like the Atkins diet of yesteryear but with the main difference being that it does allow for cheating, wine and the occasional dessert.  Okay so the first 5-10 days are all about giving up your bad habits but it does look reasonable.

For the past couple of years I've been told by doctors and dietitians that I need to eat more protein and dairy.  This particular diet would solve that dietary flaw on my part.  I weighed myself in this morning after checking out my True Weight and finding it to be a reasonable 163 pounds much as I figured it would be 160 pounds I was off.  Its rather nice to find that I'm allowed another 3 pounds on my body.  So with my goal in mind I have 6 days on the attack phase.  We'll see just how I do.

Oh by the way those that are worried that I shouldn't be doing a diet while possibly pregnant, you have no worries as I'm not pregnant yet again.  So I might as well try to eat healthier food options and lose some weight while trying this next coming cycle to get pregnant.

For those looking for a quick weight loss, you aren't going to find it on this diet.  You will lose a fair amount on the attack phase but you have three other phases to go through with the last being the one you need to stick to for life to keep off the weight.  This diet is for those that have the time to give to themselves a good healthy eating lifestyle.  If you love eating lean protein you'll love the first part of this diet.

I'm ashamed at my current weight.  I gained so much back when J re-deployed.  I just don't know how I let the weight go back on after all my hard work to get it off.  Bad eating habits do have a way of cropping back up like those insidious weeds in the lawn.

I will post how much I have lost or gained in this blog once a week so that my readers can see my progress, cheer me on or shame me into losing more if I dare gained a pound.  However, when I do get pregnant I will slow down the dieting plan and that means I might gain a bit back.  My plan when pregnant is to not gain weight and rather just eat healthy so that I will after giving birth lose the weight.  I'm too fat to be allowed to gain weight during pregnancy or so the doctors have told me.  They aren't always nice when they are being honest.  But I do like the fact that they are honest.

This Dukan Diet should help ween me off of my carb and sugar addiction.  I am a carb junkie.  It doesn't mean I can't have carbs on this diet as each day I have to have a minimum amount of oat bran or wheat bran.  Just this morning I made a wonderful oat bran and egg pancake.  It really was tasty.  I even woke J up to share a bite of it with him.  He had guard duty last night so I shouldn't have woken him up but this pancake was that good I just had to share.  I think he is going to like all this extra protein at each meal.  He is after all a Meatatarian.

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