Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ovarian Cyst Pain, Please Go Away!

Right now I'm waiting for a phone call from my Infertility doctor so that I can get in to be seen today, tomorrow or at the very least Friday.  My only other option would be the ER.  Even though I'm in a lot of pain I don't want to go to the ER.  Why?  Well its because you don't get to see the doctor that you need to see.  More often than not at the MTF (military treatment facility)  you only get to see a PA.  Really do I want a PA applying pressure to my pelvis trying to figure out if its an ovarian cyst or appendicitis?  Especially when half of them don't want to listen to the patient when they know they've been previously diagnosed with the ovarian cyst and only16 days ago?

My pain level right now is about a 7 on the scale, I'd consider it an improvement .  36 hours ago my pain was at level 10 and I was sorely tempted to go to the ER.  I felt something twist in my pelvis.  I almost screamed but it came out as more of a groan from a dying person.  I kid you not.  See screaming involves, at some time in the cycle, taking a deep breath with the muscles contracting.  I didn't scream because taking a deep breath inflicts more pain.  Sitting inflicts pain.  Laying down inflicts pain.  Oh I give up.

At this point I've taken just about a days worth of acetaminophen, since 1400 hrs PST, and its barely taken the edge off the pain.  Now I'm waiting for my doctor to give me a call back.  I spoke with the nurse yesterday and this morning.  They are trying to get me in to be seen.  They want to do some labs.  They want to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.  I may only be at cycle day 21 but I'm now 13 days passed ovulation.  I ovulate early.

We didn't do an IUI this cycle as they weren't sure I'd be ovulating with the cyst being 2 inches across on day 6 of my cycle.  They even told me to not take the last dose of my clomiphene citrate.  They did see a few follicles getting ready for ovulation but felt that the cyst was too big and would possibly prevent ovulation.  Okay so did I.  But just in case I took the OPK (ovulation prediction kit) two days running starting the next day.  Second day of taking it I got my two lines.  I was good to go. 

Could I be pregnant now?  I could be since anything is possible, even at my age. 

Do I have doubts that I am?  Yes.

Right now I just have to take it easy.  I hate being lazy.  I hate sitting around.  I hate waiting for results.  But I have no choice.  Its nearing lunch time for the doctors.  Hopefully I'll hear back from them this afternoon.  Meanwhile I'm going to grab the novel I'm almost done reading and curl up as best as I can with the pain and relax.

We'll see what happens next.


  1. Here's the best Pain Chart yet -- all my docs and most of L's at the VA are adopting it. I don't know the original source, but I've printed a batch of postcards and it's getting around. (also in other VAMCs, UW and Group Health, that I *know* of) *DRAT* can't embed or link here -- I will email it to you. The more clinicians who use it the realistic functional pain assessments can be.

  2. okay -- I'd send you pain scale as attached file *if* I had an email address for you -- which I don't seem to...


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