Monday, April 4, 2011


Steady drizzle, icy fingers, hot breath on my neck.  Wet wooly creatures gnaw,  grasping golden globs.  Chirp, caw-caw, chirp.  Thrum, beep-beep, whoosh.  Sensation overload.

Ever notice how the rain intensifies the sensations?  Take a good long listen next time it rains.  Whether it be the metronome of rain drops or the sounds of traffic and small critters the sounds are louder, stronger, wanting to be heard.  The sounds aren't the only things intensified.

Feelings are stronger.  Depressive, joyous, sexual are all more pronounced.  The needs, the wants the general restlessness.  Enclosed in my bubble I can observe the world working around me.  The animals scurry for food, choking down vast amounts in their mouth pouches to eat at a later date.  People hurry from one building to another as if the rain were some sort of torture device and they its victims.

The need for warmth, to soothe those icy digits wrapping around a hot mug of choice beverage.  Be it summer, winter or fall I've noticed the citizens of this world go for the hot beverage when it rains.  It could be a sweltering 90 F and they would still go for the hot beverage.  Is it because the hot beverage will actually cool the body?  It does.  But do they realize this or is it a deeper instinct?  Needs must be met whether we realize it or not.

Needs drive the soul.  Our souls must feed off what we put into it whether it be knowledge or food, we feed our souls.  Stop and think. 

Take a moment out of your scurrying from the wetness to stand still in the rain and feel the goodness that is nature.  Think of why it rains.  What is accomplished when it rains?  The Earth is cleaned.  Nature feeds off the rain and thus feeds us.

Feed your sensations.  Feel the rain as is dribbles down your face to dampen your chest. Feel the slickness of the rain as it washes the dirt and oil from your arms to drip to the ground from your fingertips.  Lick a raindrop from your lover's lips.  Feel how much more sensual a kiss can be.  Make love in the gentle rain.

Whoosh, whir-whir, thunk.
Beep, Beep, Beep.

Vehicles pass by my window, the range is hot and construction continues; all in the rain.  There is life.  It wants to be heard.

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