Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Do A Grapefruit And A Tennis Ball Have In Common?

What do a grapefruit and a tennis ball have in common?  Well for me its my right and left ovaries.

Today I had not just one internal ultra sound but two and a pelvic scan done.  I have two ovarian cysts now.  Dr. B explained to me that the one on the right ovary is 9 cm in size or about the size of a  grapefruit.  The one on the left is smaller at about 6.7 cm and the size of a tennis ball for easy understanding. 

Did I mention how much pain I've been in this week?  Oh and to add more pain but this one mental the pregnancy test is a BFN (big fat negative).

Dr. B still has hope for me.  He says I have plenty of eggs left.  So we are now thinking that IVF (invitro fertilization) might be a good option and damn the consequences to our savings account.  We are also considering EA (embryo adoption).  Believe it or not EA is less expensive than IVF.

J really wants a child of his own genetics, I guess I do too.  EA is still safe up to the age of 45 so I have some time left I found out thanks to the wonderful nurse M.  M even printed out for me information from a website on EA.  Truly I love the idea.  I'd still get the chance to have a pregnancy and adopt but all in one sweet cooing package. 

Maybe if we have one of our own genetically soon we'll do EA for the second one.  I love children.  I'd love to have several but financially its just not possible.

So okay back to the ovarian cysts.  The sharp pain just reminded me of my topic.  I was stupid the other night and ignored the pain I was in.  With fibromyalgia and back problems I'm always in some sort of pain.  Dr. B said next time I get that pain to go directly to the Emergency Department.  I didn't realize I could lose an ovary out of this deal.  I really don't want that to happen.

Dr. B wanted to put me on birth control pills for at minimum of one cycle possibly three.  I told him I'd be willing to do it and would deal with the migraines that I get from birth control pills.  Once he heard I get migraines he said he wasn't going to put me on the birth control pills.  They would possibly have helped since they would prevent the FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (lutenizing  hormones) from further stimulating follicles.  Oh and I'm off sex until further notice too.  That I think hurts the most.  No sex.  Dr. B also said no trampolines or jiggling movements which of course gave me some splendid ideas but I won't go into those here.  He is worried about the torsion more so than a cyst rupturing.  By the way the cysts are growing large enough to push behind the uterus and press against my intestines which is causing all my back pain.  It hurts to sit, stand and even lay down. 

Dr. B decided to prescribe me percocet for the pain.  He prescribed me enough for two days worth or twelve pills.  Since I hate taking narcotics I'll most likely take them only before bed.  For now I want to be alert.  I like have coherent thoughts.

Poor J is going to be stuck with the majority of the housework if bending is causing me any pain.  But he is okay with that, or so he says now.  He spoke with Dr. B and said he wanted to make sure I had no wiggle room around the  instructions because I always find a loop hole to get done what needs to be done when he isn't around.  So yeah, I'm not allowed to do much of anything for a while.  I'm going to go nuts by Monday.

If you are reading this and live in my area come visit me.  I'm now the sick friend that isn't allowed out to play for fear of injury.    I really wish I had a hot tub.  I could use one right now.

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