Friday, April 1, 2011

No Heat

Dear Equity,
I'm beginning to not like your housing units.  It seems as though each month I've had some sort of repair done to my housing unit.  If you are going to charge us the full amount of our BAH each month I'd like a unit in better repair.  Much as I love the 15 feet of fenced in back yard and the fact that I don't share walls with another tenant I don't like the following problems:

Hot water heater that has to be repaired five times before it is replaced.

Gas oven with built in stove top that has to be repaired four times before you decide its too old to repair and replace it finally.

Rotted master bedroom window frame of which you decided to replace only the apron on and not the rotted wood underneath it.  Then it continues to leak and some how its my fault.

Kitchen plumbing that is repaired five times in the very first year of my residence and it still doesn't work properly.

Bathroom plumbing issues that call for multiple repairs. I can only hope they will stay repaired this time with the hole in the foundation that you jack hammered and didn't fill correctly.

The sliding glass door that you have come out on numerous occasions to fix  and it still doesn't latch properly.  Mind you a nice metal bar, preventing the door from opening from the outside, has been installed by me as I'm not a fool to let burglars into my house that easily.

Finally, today I called you because I had no heat.  I've called you before because my condensation pump was making funny noises.  But you said nothing was wrong with it and you couldn't hear it.  Today it had to be replaced. 

I'm waiting for the refrigerator to fail.  I've had you out here before to listen to the god awful noise it makes.  Is that going to take forever for you to realize that it is going downhill fast? 

I'm not a fool.   I asked numerous people who remember when the Army owned its own housing units; things were better with the housing units when the Army still owned the buildings.  I don't like how you cut corners on jobs.  I don't like how your employees tell me that its job security when I have to call them out multiple times.  Oh they also laugh when they tell me its job security.  I don't find it funny at all.  I find it annoying.

Those little perks that your housing areas gives away free and that hardly anyone picks up because they are informed too late, aren't going to make the residents happy.  We would like timely, efficient, and clean service repairs.  I don't like finding debris in my sink basins, toilet bowl, floor surface and walls where your techs thought they cleaned up but didn't.  Debris shows quite well on light surfaces.

Hire someone that knows what they are doing.  Hire someone to clean up after the tech if the tech is sloppy.  Hire someone that is willing to go that extra mile to make sure we are happy with the repair.  After all we are the ones that in the end, with our rent, make sure you have that money to pay your employees.

An Unhappy Tenant

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