Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Win A Vasectomy From PETA!

"Now, one lucky man can be reproduction-free, free of charge, just like his pooch or feline friend. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24 to 30), PETA will give one free vasectomy to a man who has recently had his companion cat or dog neutered. Don't worry boys—you'll still be able to enjoy sex. But your neutered dog will be less likely to face the health and behavioral problems that unneutered dogs experience." 

I think that Keiko says it best in her blog posting today.  I highly suggest that my readers take a trip over to her blog Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed and see what she has to say.  She has posted ways in which we can respond best to PETA about how upset we are with their contest.

If you aren't up to reading Keiko's blog then hop on to your email and express your outrage to Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President at  ingridn@peta.org .  I'm sure she'd love to hear what you have to say about the matter.

This really bothers me.  Why?  Well I don't think that PETA really understands what the National Infertility Awareness Week is actually about.  It isn't about getting your pet spayed or neutered.  It isn't about getting your human sterilized.  Its about folks just like me that suffer from infertility.   I'm outraged that PETA could be so insensitive to folks like me.  I love my animals just as much as the next person. 

PETA just doesn't get it.  They are basically celebrating the fact that I can't have a child.  They want to promote the fact that we infertile folks can't have children and want other people to get sterilized too.  Why?  How is it honoring Infertility Awareness by paying for another human's sterilization procedure?  Now if it had been a vasectomy reversal surgery contest I could see that would be honoring infertility.  Or perhaps paying for some couples IVF treatments for a cycle would be honoring Infertility Awareness Week.   But offering a contest win of sterilization in honor of those that are infertile is like handing a knife to suicidal person and cheering them on to slit their wrists.  Its Just Wrong!

I'm really too angry to think coherently.  How would you like an organization telling you that they are glad you can't have children?  How is their contest supporting a cure for infertility?  ITS NOT!

52 weeks in the year and PETA had to chose the week that is about Infertility Awareness,someone didn't do their homework before hitting the press.


  1. "52 weeks in the year and PETA had to chose the week that is about Infertility Awareness"

    Nail on the head right there. Are we feeding into their campaign by posting about it? Probably. But if the outcry is large enough, maybe we can squeeze an apology out of them. It's just shitty, PETA. Low blow class A Asshole move.

    Thanks for linking to my post & sharing for your readers.

  2. As someone who is dealing with male factor infertility and the fact that's it's infertility awareness week, I find this to be extremely offensive. How about sticking to cruelty to animals. I have helped countless strays and tried to be a better human being, but this has got to be one of the most ridiculous ideas PETA has posted yet. Not being able to have children is taxing on a person. So how about instead of "fixing" a man, we teach our children right from wrong. God help whom ever is dumb enough to buy into it because if you are young and do this, you might regret it down the line and have to wait years to have a baby, again who you can teach right from wrong.

  3. I think they chose the week thinking it would cause controversy. I think controversy is more important to them than the ethical treatment they call for. I made the same comment about paying for TX, they could have turned it into a good thing, but they prefer to stir the pot.

  4. I totally agree with you. The whole thing is just such a low blow.


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