Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Workers' Compensation Glitch

This morning I proceeded with the appointment to get a prescription for physical therapy out of network.  Lights were flickering in the clinic and the power went out several times.  No hard charts which is rather lousy.  Seems as though they've all been sent away to St. Louis or some place like it.  Why?  Well the military wants to rely upon technology only.  Rather annoying when they have no power.  I think they should keep those charts handy.  But no. 

Dr. G asked me what I did for a job.  I told him I was a homemaker.  He said that is a hard enough job.  He is right it is.  I get very little compensation and very few thank you's for my job.  I have to be satisfied when my spouse and company enjoys my home, food, and hospitality.  I take pride in keeping my house clean and making sure there is food on the table when we sit down to eat.  So its really nice to have a physician finally say that it is a hard job and not suggest that I get a job out of the house.

I didn't get the prescription.  Seems as though there is a federal law prohibiting the military medical providers from giving me a prescription for physical therapy with the Workers' Compensation.  My doctor called up the people who are willing to deal with my case here.  He explained quite nicely to the secretary why he couldn't give me the script.  So now I'm back to square one.  I tried to explain to the people here that it couldn't be done through the military but they didn't listen.  Or perhaps they turned a blind eye and actually knew but figured they'd not tell me.

So while at the office of Dr. G I was able to be seen for my neck injury which is not Workers' Compensation related.  My arms have been going numb for no good reason.  I have damage to my neck, this I know from previous MRIs.  But I guess he saw or felt something during the exam because he ordered a full spinal MRI.  But because I might be pregnant he told me to wait.

I'll know in about a week if I can get the MRI.  I rather hope I don't get the MRI as I'd rather be pregnant but with this ovarian cyst I have my doubts. 

Last night, while trying to get into the bed my cyst twisted.  Yeah that hurt.  I just about screamed in pain.  Its akin for guys of having someone twist one of their testicles and for you women that have never had an ovarian cyst twist on you, well its like having someone grabbing a hold of one of your breasts and twisting it hard.  Its quite painful.  I told J I would call the infertility clinic today and tell them what happened.  I'll get around to it later.  I just don't like being poked and prodded.  I'm tired.  Sleep is alluding me due to pain.  Pain that I can't take bloody thing for to make it go away!

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