Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun Day and Personal Time

That's me as a baby.  I swear its true that my mouth is still open and I'm always talking when given the chance.  But....

Right now I need some time.  Today I'm going to go support my spouse with his Fun Day, mandatory mind you, activities.  This morning he started off with a 12 mile ruck march.  Family members were invited but alas my sciatica was acting up yesterday making movement rather painful and at times almost not possible.  I'm a bit better today but still will be using my cane to walk about the day's course of activities.

Tomorrow I'm not sure there will be a blog posting.  So much is planned for tomorrow of a personal nature.  Its mainly going to be a day of paperwork.  Social Security office, passport office, new ID card, FLC (family life center), shopping for Mothers' Day cards and I know there is something else on that list that I gave J but I don't know where he put the list.  Usually I lose my lists because I forget where I put them.  But with any luck he has this particular list upon his person, somewhere.  I just hope it didn't get too soggy since his ruck march was done in the rain.

Yes they have ponchos but unless they are given the order to done them they have to stay in the uniform of the day.  I have hope that he was allowed to put his on as at one point I called him to inform him of a newly scheduled appointment for tomorrow only to try to hear him talking through his PRO mask.  Sounded a bit like he was talking through a muffler.  By muffler I'm talking about the old fashioned scarf type of muffler not the car's muffler though its probably doing a similar job.

Time for me to hit the road.  Hope everyone has a decent day.

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