Friday, April 8, 2011

No Pay, But Yet They Work, They Fight, They Love

I'm not sure if the budget will get passed as of the posting of this blog.  I am offended at the possibility of our military not getting paid.

Congress has let me down yet again.  I'm not sure what they have ever really done for me except to make sure I'm not allowed to do stuff.

The world will continue on with its fighting.

Babies will continue to be born.

Our military will continue to go to work each and every day without fail and without pay.  They will continue to love their country, flag and family.

Congress and President Obama will continue to do their jobs but with pay.  I'm thinking that this is just isn't right.  Maybe we should send Congress and Obama to the front lines since they are continuing to collect their pay checks?  I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this but I'm saying it to the world right now.  I'm not happy with my government.

Military, when paid, are paid at the poverty line.  Many a military member of E-4 pay grade has a family which includes more often than not a child or two or three or more besides a wife.  Most live pay check to pay check.  Most are struggling with credit and trying to establish themselves.  Many will fail if not paid.  Many will go without food.  Eventually with fuel being a priority over food so that the military can continue to go to work, since they are required to do so, the funds for fuel will run out.  Picture the military walking mile after mile after mile just to go to work on an empty stomach and a mind full of grief.  Grief because they have starving family members at home.  But still they will go to work.

Congress is protected under the 27th Amendment.  They will continue to get paid while my husband will go without pay.  Often the pay check is the only reward and recognition a soldier will receive for all his or her sacrifices.

Here's to our heroes!  I applaud you all in our struggles for freedom.

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