Monday, April 25, 2011

Sock Love

I love socks.  When I saw a pair on another blogger's blog I knew I had to buy the socks.  She was buying them for a friend that was going through infertility treatments.  Its true that having a nice pair of socks can help cheer me up when I have to be poked, prodded and told information by my RE that I'd rather not hear.  Its not like the socks will change the outcome of the exam, but they will make me feel a bit more cheery as I wait through the exam.

So after some online searching I found the socks.  I wanted them badly enough to purchase two pairs in two different colors.  I love how these cowgirl boot design socks fit.  They fit my heavy calf muscles quite well.  My legs swell easily being off the water pills.  They are quite comfortable and the top band does not bind.  I love how they look just like cowgirl boots right down to the stitching and the contoured cuff.  I see my RE often enough to warrant more than one pair.  I purchased them in the tan and the pink.

My next ultrasound is the 2nd of May.  I'm actually looking forward to this appointment and putting my cowgirl sock/boot covered feet into the stirrups.  I'm hoping to hear good news.  If I get good news this time around I might just make these my lucky socks. 

The pain is lessening on my left side.  Maybe the tennis ball sized cyst is going down.  The grapefruit sized cyst on my right ovary is still giving me that gasp of pain feeling letting me know its there and that I am too.  Got to love pain.  Pain always lets you know that you are still alive.

If you want to buy the socks here is the website:

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  1. Hey, you have to indulge a little for sure! I bought cute sandals to wear to mine before, it made me feel better if nothing else ;)


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