Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Sickness

A few days before a full moon I have troubles sleeping.  It never fails.  My body always knows when its going to be a full moon.

Tonight is a full Sun Moon, the moon of Aradia.  Its a great time to make a magical brew.  Or so I've been told.

For me this just means another night of little or no sleep.  I would celebrate this full moon tonight if we weren't in a little ice age here in the Pacific Northwest.

Speaking of a little Ice Age.  Seems that because the solar flares are going to quieten down a bit we are going to be experiencing for quite a long time this cold weather here.  I guess I should prepare for one extremely cold winter too.

The heat kicked on earlier today, no more than about an hour ago and its closing on noon here.  I keep my heat set on 66 so that should tell you just how cold it is here.  There will be no dancing sky clad under the moon tonight.  More likely I'll be seeking out my winter coat just to step outside.

I get more restless around a full moon.  I find it harder to concentrate and write a coherent blog post.  I have more energy and no place to use it which makes me one cranky witch.

So with that said I'm ending my blog post for the day and I'll go try to find something to expel some of the energy.  Maybe some cleansing will work.  First the body, then the mind.

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  1. I think a bit of nekkid dancing might help you sleep :) My mum used to recommend writing down everything that was bothering me before sleeping, which, thinking about it, isn't a million miles from some of the Wiccan rituals I've read about/done.


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