Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preparing For The Ball

painting by Alfred Stevens

Tonight is the Army Ball that is being held to celebrate the 236th birthday of the US ARMY.  Happy Birthday!  Let's party.

Today I finish all my preparation work so that I can look as normal as possible at the ball tonight.  I say normal because my dress is ill fitting no thanks to someone who is not to be named.  Yes I'm still livid about that incident.  I wrote about in my blog one day about my former respite care worker.

My jewels are laid out.  My shoes and stockings are ready for me to don.  Every part that needed hair removed has been cleared.  Now its just time for me to shower, style my hair and dress for the event.  I can't believe that I'm actually a bit nervous.

I opted for ballet flats instead of heels for tonight's affair.  Why?  Well because I've broken both ankles, have tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascititis, and basically unstable ankles.  Oh, plus I'm handicapped so I'll be lucky if I get in any dancing at all tonight.

If it was a full sit down occasion I would opt for heels but not tonight.  I realize that my shoes will be seen but hopefully not frowned upon.  My dress is ballet length which is still appropriate for this occasion.  I'm sure there will be floor length, tea length, ballet and cocktail length dresses worn with hopefully very few mini length there tonight.  I find a short length dress highly inappropriate for this event.  But some think otherwise.  If this was a white mess event you can be sure I'd be wearing floor length however its just a black tie event.  I wonder if the Army still wears their white mess?  Probably not since most everything has gone to the new ASU.

Ah now the ASU does look rather fine but I do prefer the high waist-ed dress blues on the male figure.  There is just nothing better than a nice silhouette when in reference to the male derriere.  The lower waist line just does nothing for the figure in my opinion.

Off to get the rest of what I need done before show time.  I'm going to try like heck to enjoy myself to the last bit tonight.  I'd like to dance, hold my soldier close and make memories to last me a lifetime tonight.  Now I'll leave you with this music video to enjoy instead of more of my blathering.


  1. I want to hear all about it. And let there be pictures! Please!


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