Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growing Pains Of Change

Yes, its another posting about Fibromyalgia.  I'm beginning to think that its ruling my life.

Due to total exhaustion I didn't get out of bed until 1033hrs.  I'm such a sloth.  Most likely its because of the very full schedule yesterday. 

Yesterday I got up with my spouse and stayed up.  There was just no room for a nap or down time in my schedule.

I had 4.5 dozen cookies baked by about 0730 hrs.  The guys at the COF are now enjoying them and it pleases me.  By 1130 hrs my power was being shut off.  But the time in between 0730 hrs and 1130 hrs was spent gardening and wrestling with a neighbor's dog that escaped their fenced in back yard. 

Oh I admit I loved playing with the Pointer named Bella but I didn't enjoy her jumping on me and getting me muddy thus creating a wardrobe change before half the day was gone.  I put her in my backyard and played fetch with her while I was waiting for Animal Control to come and get her.  They scanned her chip, found that she lived just down the street and called the owner at his work place to come and get his dog.  All is well with Bella.  I do hope to see her being walked on the street by her owners.   The most I could do for her was to provide her with a safe environment away from the cars, me to play with and a bowl of water.  I'm thinking that I should keep dog food or dog biscuits around for when she escapes again.  The Animal Control officer told me that the owner said she escapes a lot.  I cried when I had to say good bye to her.  I really miss having a pet and she is very affectionate too.

By 1340 hours my power was being turned back on.  So that meant I had to go about the house plugging the appliances back into the sockets and resetting the clocks.  Yes, in case of a power surge we were instructed to unplug all electrical devices.

We still have an open trench in the back yard.  I wonder when that will get filled back in.  I'm really annoyed with how high our grass is getting and no access to one part of the yard so that it could be mowed.

1530 hrs and I was back home after an appointment at the FLC (family life center).  I come home to find two workmen in my house.  There was no written notice stating that the workmen, other than to shut off and turn back on the power and check serial number on appliances, would be in my house.  One guy had his head and part of his body in my fridge.  I was livid.  WTH!  Seriously you don't need to be groping my food to check for the serial number on my fridge which is located just barely inside the appliance.  I asked what he is doing in there and he said routine maintenance check.  Sure.  Rounding the corner to go use the bathroom I find another man in my hallway.  WTF!  He was installing two more smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide one.  Leaving a mess of white paint and walling on the floor and not wearing the shoe covers thus tracking dirt through my house.

I called Equity about this blatant violation of my rights as a tenant.  I was given the number for their manager.  I let into him and he said he had no idea why they were there.  He knew that the only written notices I was given were for the routine check with the power being turned off, not one for installing a single item.  He apologized as he also knew we had on notice in our records that they were not to enter in to my house without my permission due to the fact that we own firearms.  I was pissed.  He promised to speak to the person managing this workman team and call me back first thing in the morning.  He never called today.

I couldn't hang around.  I felt violated.  My house had basically been broken into with a spare set of keys.  I left and went with my husband to his work place.  I had yet another appointment to go to in two hours so I might as well go clear my head elsewhere.

1700 hrs I'm at the dentist office.  I have a cavity that is two surfaces and needs to be drilled.  Okay big deal.  Its the last one of the bunch of broken and cracked fillings to get fixed. Only a little pain was felt.  More today because most of my teeth have fractures in them due to Bruxism.  I need an occlusal guard, night guard if you will.  It might just be covered because if I don't have one I'm going to lose my teeth.  My dentist is going to get back to me to find out if it is covered.  When I got home I looked up my dental plan and from what I found out, "Occlusal guards are covered by report for patients 13 years of age or older when the purpose of the occlusal guard is for the treatment of bruxism or diagnoses other than TMD.  Occlusal guards are limited to one per consecutive 12 month period.".  So I should be allowed to have one.  We'll see. 

I had an occlusal guard years ago that I had to pay for out of pocket.  I'm not sure what hurt more, wearing it and it not wanting to release and me trying to claw it off my upper teeth, or the fact that I had to pay $425.00 US for the dang thing and not have it fit properly.  I ended up throwing it out.

With any luck the one that I should get will fit me better and be easier to remove.  Thus with a proper fitting occlusal guard I'll have less headaches and mouth pain.  My jaw may no longer be growing new teeth but teeth can shift about over the years with bruxism, not just having them grind down to nubs.  I'll just have to get used to the pain and pressure of wearing one. 

The Respite Care Provider list finally showed up in today's email.  Its such a pain breaking in a new provider and somehow they always fail me.  I'm a push over.  My husband will do the interviewing this time.  Hopefully I'll find someone willing to help me out with the daily chores that I try to do.  Its a real blow to my ego admitting that I need help when I look so normal.

Today I'm breaking in a new occupational therapy worker.  I'll have to be so honest that its going to hurt.  I'll have to work hard if I'm going to break through the first levels of pain so that I start to heal.  I don't like wearing my wrist splints.  I don't like being poked and prodded either.  But I have to grow up and admit that I need to make a change in my lifestyle so that I can do more with less pain.

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  1. Very realistic thought. I hope this can be a good lesson for all life style.


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