Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was up late last night searching the internet for a better place to stay while in Leavenworth.  I had made reservations at one motel that J really liked because it was cheap.  I don't mean cheap in a good way either.

No the reviews of the place were mostly about how horrible the place was, including broken window latches, dirty sheets, dirty towels balled up in the bathroom.  Reviewers complained about the supposed breakfast buffet that was nothing more than one waffle iron, cold cereal and stale danish.  They also complained about the motel staff that was rude, inefficient and that no one was working at night.  I had to cancel that reservation, it was making my stomach burn with anxiety thinking about it being such a dump.  So I called them up this morning and canceled.  I just couldn't picture myself sleeping for two nights in a motel that potentially had rats and bed bugs.

J learned to be cheap.  I'm not talking frugal.  I'm frugal.  J is cheap.  Of course he isn't cheap when he wants something.  J thinks that buying in bulk, think products from China, is a good deal rather than buying a quality USA made item that costs a bit more but comes with a warranty.  It really is the most irritating trait he has.  Because its a learned behaviour its not like its going to change without a lot of help.  That is where I come in.  I was taught by my frugal paternal grandmother that you need to buy quality goods and services or you'll waste your money on shoddy goods by having them break easily.

Last night I was up until 0200 hrs reading reviews on the web for other places to stay in Leavenworth.  Thankfully I found a place. With the holiday weekend being the weekend we start our vacation and Leavenworth celebrating the Kinderfest this weekend finding a place to stay was tricky.  The place I made the new reservations at was my first choice all along.  This place has a hot breakfast, omelets made to order, fresh danish and other breads, sausage and other meats, all of which is included in your stay.  This place has two pools, one indoor and one outdoor with a jacuzzi too.  For $60 more per night than the should be condemned  motel we are getting a big room with two queen sized beds, the single queen bed room was $5 less per night so I opted for the bigger room.  Oh and the stay also comes with complimentary use of the putting green.  I come from a family of golfers and its a darn shame that I never got to play the game.   I really look forward to staying at the Enzian Inn.

"Enzian guests are invited to enjoy our indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, table-tennis room, racquetball / basketball / wally-ball court, and fitness room.
A complimentary round of golf at Enzian Falls Championship Putting Course is also available for each guest. The course is open mid April through October and provides an entertaining challenge for the golfer and non-golfer alike. Equipment is provided."

I haven't read one bad review for the Enzian Inn.  Its close to down town which will be ideal for us since we plan on shopping.  Maybe I can get cheapskate, I mean J, to kick in for some horseback riding over the weekend too.

I do love my husband.  I just want him to realize that sometimes if you want to enjoy life you need to pay for quality time outside of the home.  I know he'll get a better night's sleep in the hotel I chose versus the one he chose.  I know I'd sleep a lot better with the knowledge that the door and window locks actually work and that no bugs will be crawling over me in my sleep.

The Enzian Inn is also on Facebook.  Check out the photos of the place for yourself. 

Maybe we'll even get the chance to do some horse back riding.  I've found a place with good prices meant for the inexperienced like me and the experienced like J.  So I'll try to talk him into it tonight.

On a really happy note, they are now putting down the sod on my lawn.  Finally I might see that hideous wire fence be removed from my back yard and the wooden one put back in place.  Its been torn up since Easter Monday.

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  1. Yay! Progress. On the yard, on the trip, and I'd dare say on the quality time experience altogether.

    Can't wait to hear all about it. Have a blast!


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