Monday, June 20, 2011

Courage Is The Motto

Many of my friends have asked me about the ball I went to on Thursday.  Well now that the weekend is finally over I guess I'll get to the weekend round up.

It takes no small amount of courage for me to don a dress, heels (yes I decided to wear high heels), war paint and go out into the public eye.  I'm very afraid of most people and how they judge me.  Or should I say how the women judge one another.  We do judge each other and often find each other lacking in many ways.

So I went to the ball.  I did have a good time.  I didn't get to dance.  I broke a heel.  It was a rather interesting walk back to the car might I add but at least my shoe survived until 2200hrs.  That was when the dancing was to start.  After the speeches of two generals, one being a four star my back had enough.  I didn't mind standing for the 8 toasts, the flag ceremony or any other time we were required to stand.  But the sitting was getting to be rather intolerable.  I would have gotten up to walk around but protocol dictates that one must remain seated, unless its an emergency, through the speeches unless directed to stand.

J made the jewels I wore to the ball.  I have to say I'm really partial to his craftsmanship.   Already my mother has asked where her's are as in she wants a set.  I got to pick out the gems and the design he was going to use.  J knows many different weave designs and has used most of them in various projects.  I'm very proud of his chain maille.

The meal was so-so.  I've had much better food and for $40 a ticket I must say it wasn't quality.  I had the chicken plate.  The chicken was greasy, the potatoes were tasteless but the small amount, about 1/4 cup of green beans with carrots were excellent.    The wines offered were far from a decent quality.  I'm not a snob but I do know my wines. 

Would I go again to another ball?  Sure.  I met a few people and made a few friends.

Friday was spent up in Renton for the most part.  My husband found a yard sale that he wanted to go to because they were selling gaming books.  Unfortunately when we arrived some one had already cleaned them out.  Isn't that the way it normally is?  So we ended the day going to a local gun shop in the Tacoma area.  J was happy.

Saturday we went to a gun show in Centralia.  I made the only two purchases there.  I bought J a concealed holster for his birthday.  For myself I bought an old compass.  I saw it and was able to talk the guy down to half the asking price so its mine now. 

I just had to have this compass for some reason.  Maybe it will lead me in the direction of my heart's desire.  Maybe it will give me the courage that I need to go where I have to.  Who knows?

Sunday was unremarkable and I'm glad it was.  I needed a day to catch up on my laundry.

Today I had my ultrasound.  1/2 tablet of clomiphene citrate seems to be doing the job.  I have two follicles, 28 mm and 30 mm, on the left ovary.  I was given a shot of ovidrel and told that I didn't need the IUI because J's sperm count is so high.  Why waste the money?  Okay so I'm good to go.  Now with any luck I'll actually get pregnant this cycle.  Fingers crossed that we have a quality egg in the pair.

Now is the time that I need to find my direction, my path and step onto it with courage, patience, and faith.  Wish me luck.

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