Friday, June 10, 2011

Bare Shelves At AAFES Exchanges

The following photos were taken by Kenneth Randy Whitehead.

Now what I'd like to know is this:

How much longer until we get our shelves stocked?

Last night I was in the Exchange here on Lewis Main and if I wanted junk food I could have purchased that in large amounts.  But I didn't want junk food.  I wanted to replenish my personal care products.

Unfortunately what was to be had for personal care products wasn't what I needed.  Sure if I needed sunscreen I could have purchased that but I wanted face cream.

If I wanted dvd's I could get those too.  But I wanted feminine products an all together different format of plastic mind you.

My husband who came with me had a hard time finding his favorite energy bar.  He likes to have something in his stomach before morning PT.  Luckily there were a few left but not much in choice so he ended up getting 9 bars of the same flavor.  Its something and I should be grateful for that at least, right?

Its a good thing neither of us had a headache or stomach ache as the OTC shelves are getting to the point they look as empty as the manual tooth brush selections.  Mind you there was not one manual tooth brush left on the shelves last night.

I've been to the Exchange at McChord and things aren't much better.  They are also out of the same items.

Our commissaries at Lewis Main and McChord are also experiencing empty shelves.  So how is this just an AAFES problem when supposedly DECA is government run?  Conspiracy or budget cuts?

I just don't get it.  Why are we not getting the stock?

Is this part of the budget cuts?

I know our military benefits are on the chopping block but seriously why are they taking away from us before the budget has been settled?

If anyone who is reading this can figure out why the shelves are bare on more than just one military installation please let me know. 

I've been told by various employees their theories of it being a new vendor, a new inventory system, limited goods.  So which is it?


  1. fyi AAFES is not DECA. it's something going on at the distribution center is what i heard

  2. I do know that AAFES is not DECA, DECA is government run however, it is also part of the MWR benefits that are currently on the chopping block, and I've known that for well over 20 years they were different things. I just mentioned above in my blog posting that I found it rather odd that AAFES and DECA would be out of the same items at the same time.


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