Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tick Tock, Scattered Thoughts

My mind is everywhere and on everything of importance to me and my family today.  I'll eventually sift through it all to find that which has to be my number one priority.

First off today I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY US ARMY!  I'm proud to be married to an US ARMY Soldier.  I'm proud to be an Army Wife.  Our ball is just two days off and I'm really excited about the celebration of the Army birthday.

Secondly I'm thinking about yesterday's ultrasound appointment.  I think it went quite well.  I still have one cyst that is measuring 13 mm on the left ovary.  Its a far cry from the 7 cm it was before and I'm happy to have it shrink on its own.  After the rupture of the 9 cm cyst on the right ovary I was worried about the two cysts on the left ovary doing the same.  We were told that we finally have a green light on sex.  YAY!  Something else to celebrate.

We were also told that I'm still fertile enough that we could possibly try on our own with ovulation prediction kits to get pregnant.  However, we opted for the IUI and clomiphene citrate therapy.  Its an egg quality issue for us with my age not a quantity.  I have plenty of eggs just not very good ones.  The RE cut my clomiphene citrate dosage in half.  He said one whole pill is  too much for me since I'm so sensitive.  So I'm now taking 1/2 pill daily for the next 5 days.  I really hope that such a small dosage will still do the trick.  We really want a baby.  I'm scheduled for my next ultrasound on Monday.  Fingers crossed we'll see some ripe follicles.

My third thought is resting on my blood pressure.  I had it measured yesterday at the appointment.  For the past few months, due to the intense cyst pain, my blood pressure has been really high.  There are major concerns for my blood pressure since I am on medicine and it should not be 160 systolic with over 100 diastolic.  As luck would have it my bp yesterday was down to 125/60.  I haven't seen it that low in years.  I guess being so tired and sleep deprived is working on some parts of me.  I'll take it.  I still have to be on the blood pressure medicine labetalol of 100 mg twice a day but, I'm just happy that its finally getting under control.

My final thought is with my husband.  Things are rather sketchy for him right now.  He has a lot of paperwork to fill out and he might end up with a job change this fall if things don't get approved.  On the other hand another set of paperwork is in the works and if it gets approved he might have yet another choice of job change.  I can't discuss further the details as all of it still isn't where it needs to be.  Even if it was where it should be I couldn't talk about it until it was a done deal. 

I can only imagine how much stress my husband is under right now.  Work, change of work, change of location, change of mind.  So much change is going on in his life.  There are days that I have no clue what to expect from his moods.  The worst of his moods would be akin to not having one's morning coffee, or at least that would be the worst he'd let me see.  He must be bottling up his emotions.  He really is stoic.  If I were in his situation, being the fact that I'm hot tempered, I'd be yelling.  But I'm not him and he isn't me.

My thoughts always come to rest on my husband.  I'll be sending good thoughts and positive energy his way.  I want things to work out the way he wants them to be.  I want him to be happy.

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