Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blank Slate

Its a new day full of changes and opportunities and I can't seem to get my mind into any one particular thing.  Nope, nothing.  Its like my mind is a blank slate today.

Maybe I have no drive or possibly "low T"  if I were a guy.  I'm a gal so that's not my problem.  For me its more of sticker shock.  I've bought more than I planned for my schedule and I'm about to pay more than I wanted.

0430 hrs I was up and moving.  I had a discussion with my spouse this morning about the day's events.  He had to be up early as is his normal for the Army.  We spent almost an hour this morning figuring out what needed to be done, what has to be changed and where we are headed.

He had a briefing this morning.  Oh I knew about it because my FRG is that good about sending out information.  I knew but he didn't.  Or should I say I told him about it but he forgot?  I got another reminder about the briefing this morning in my email.  An email that was sent out at 2330 hrs yesterday.  Not like I'm going to be checking my email at that time of night.  So I didn't go today.  I had other plans.  The briefing was on the list but J was distracted.

Today my respite care worker will be here to help out.  Which means of course that I need to move all of J's stuff that he has let fall where it will.  Seriously he knew that today was the day as its in highlighted pink on the large print calendar in the kitchen.   Did I mention that he has been distracted?

If I am to have someone help clean up the house I can't expect the person to be moving his stuff when they are supposed to be only taking care of me and my needs.  So I picked up about the house to make vacuuming that much easier.  I cleared off counter tops so that they could be cleaned with chemicals.  I have asthma so I don't use chemicals myself as I like being able to breathe.  I really wish the whole world could be scrubbed clean with just lemons, baking soda and vinegar but I have to be realistic, most folks would rather use chemicals.

I signed on to my facebook this morning only to find out that a friend's mom has died.  I never got to meet her mom but I feel bad for her all the same.  She had a long struggle with cancer.  May she rest in peace and may her family find the courage to heal the hole left behind by her missing presence.

On a different note, has anyone stopped to think about the Bible?  I'm not that religious but I did have time to think over the weekend on one of the long drives to note that Genesis is talking about terra forming.   A god created the Earth, but was it a god or an alien?
Were we just species samples taken from another planet in another universe?
Or was there no one before us?
Wouldn't we be considered vain to think that we were the first race?
Wouldn't it be more prudent to think that we were cultivated much like a crop and transplanted when we were just seedlings to another garden (planet)?

My mind likes to wander on long drives and I think of odd things.  I'm like a kitten in a hamster ball.

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  1. Loved the video!

    Still dying to see pics of the ball.

    And I'm hoping you are doing okay. Talk to me soon?

    Big hugs!

    PS. You may want to read the blog today...sweet surprise for you!


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