Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting For The Power To Go Off

Well I have to say that its only about 0834 hrs and I've accomplished quite a bit this morning.  Because I'm waiting for the power to be shut off at my residence for electrical work in the trench behind the house I'm rather in a rush this morning.

I got up with J at a little after 0500 hrs and have been going since.  I didn't have much sleep last night and I'm already looking forward to the possibility of a nap later this afternoon.  Somehow I doubt that will be possible with the heavy equipment that will take up residence in my back yard today.  But I can still try.

By 0600hrs I was showered, dressed and making the cookie dough batter.  Thus the picture of the eggs above.  I decided to make the chocolate chip cookies for the soldiers at the COF this week.  I even purchased a new container to put the cookies in for transport.  The other was one of those cheap disposal metal pans.  I was always afraid my husband would leave the tray behind and someone would throw it out so I refused to use a good pan for transport.  Now I have a rather large Rubbermaid container that I could actually put a dozen or so cupcakes in with comfort.

The cookies are now baked and stored in the plastic container.  I still have yet to see the workman do much but finished edging out the trench in my back yard.  I really hope that they get their butts moving soon as I'd like to get the power restored before I have to leave today.

I have an appointment with the Family Life Center on post today.  I'd like to be able to go to it with my husband but someone has to stay here while the work is being done.  No, I don't trust Equity to access my home while I'm away.  I don't like the idea at all considering we own some rather valuable items.  So I'll stay here until they are done today.

Tonight I have my last appointment for dental work.  After this its just the routine cleanings, I hope.

Align Staffing has yet to email me with the list of Respite Care Workers in my area.  They said they would, but I'm still waiting.  I'm rather annoyed too with them.  They said last year that they would email me the list and they never did.  I wish there was a supervisor that I could call and complain to but all I ever got was a recording.  A recording that was absolutely useless as no one would make a call back, well not until yesterday that is and that took 7 months.   Some government contracted workers are absolutely useless.

Well enough complaints.  I'm going to shut down J's laptop and go read a book while I wait.

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