Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Occupational Therapy Update and Blog Award

First I'll get to the award.  My cousin  gave me the award yesterday along with also giving it to a few other people.  I first met my cousin not at a family occasion or gathering, but in high school.  For more years than I care to remember we've been apart as is most of my family until Facebook brought us together.  Now I'm learning all about Nik's life through her two blogs, suddenly single journey and what dreamers do.

I'm supposed to divulge some little secret about myself here because of this award however, I rarely keep much of my life a secret.  Those that follow my blog know I'm handicapped, infertile, an Army Wife, love to cook, sew and do other crafts when I'm not reading.  So what is left to tell?  And what do I feel comfortable revealing right now that I have been hiding?

I guess I could tell all you that I enjoy yelling at the television when a stupid reality show is on.  Why do I yell at something that is pre-recorded?  Well why do most men like to yell at the television when their favorite team is playing?  I guess because it just feels good.  There you have my confession.

I would like to pass along this award to four women that have made changes in my life via the internet.  First I'm giving this award to Stefanie who's real life and online friendship has meant the most to me.  Stef I love you gal.  Secondly I'd give this award to a gal that refuses to allow her fibromyalgia to get in the way of life, Sonja you are my hero.  Third I'd like to give this award to a gal that will tell you like it is, Sushi girl I only know by that name but you make life real.  And Last this award goes out to a gal that is having a really rough time with her pregnancy.  Another Dreamer you give me hope because you refuse to give up.

Now for my Occupational Therapy appointment this morning.  I was told I  have hypermobile joints.  No change was seen in the strength of my hands.  I have one new hand exercise to add to my routine because I have a pocket injury on my right hand.  Its just a muscle that got overused due to me using my cane this weekend.  The doctor told me its not likely to get much better as long as I need to use the cane and he said he doesn't want to go without my cane especially when my knee buckles.  So its not likely the pain in my right shoulder will ever go away for long periods of time.  Meh, such is life.  I go on. 

Time to go bake the cookies for the guys at the COF. 


  1. Love you, cousin! So...what kind of cookies? I want to bake, but I know I will eat them. All of them. And I am rounder than I'm comfortable with right now.


  2. Thanks very much for the mention, and I'll check out the other blogs you've listed. I hope your cookies turned out brilliantly!


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