Monday, June 27, 2011

Negative And A Negative Equals A Positive

Photo by me of my poppies in bloom.

My husband is a pessimist.  I'm an optimist.

My husband has a higher than normal IQ.  So do I.

Somehow my husband thinks that if we have a child our high IQ's will create a child dumber than a box of rocks.  I think otherwise.  I think that with our patience and education our child will have an advantage.  That is if we get the chance to have a child.

The bleeding has stopped.  The pain has not stopped.  Last night I was so nauseated I thought I would lose my dinner.  The fertility drugs always cause havoc with my digestion.  I'm still hoping that I will indeed end up pregnant this cycle.  But I plan ahead for that negative.  Maybe J's pessimism is starting to wear down my positive out look.

Its now CD 16, 6dpO, and 8 days till testing.  We want to get out of town and do some sight seeing.  I have to realize that this cycle could be a failure and I must plan the vacation we want to take around the fertility treatments.  With J's training schedule finally being known it means that I have just one more cycle to try until he leaves.  I have to take advantage of any time we have together.  Sure I could have his sperm frozen but if I can avoid that added expense then I will.

So with our calendar planned out around a possible next cycle we made the reservations for our first part of our vacation journey.  I have a house sitter on call and she is fine with taking care of everything here for us.  I'll have no worries about dead plants when we get back or leaving my house unattended.  All with be fine as if we never left, I hope.

We have booked a two night stay in a lodge at Leavenworth.  Neither of us have been there, though we've been planning on going since last October.  Training issues caused us to cancel that trip last year.  So we rain-checked it for the coming weekend.  If you want to check out what there is to do in the area along with us click on the following link;

Yes I'm taking a risk with all the pain I'm in.  I realize that an ovarian cyst rupture is quite possible.  But I need this vacation.  We need this vacation.

I'm already planning our next getaway.  J would like to head to southern Washington.  I chose Eastern this time so after his choice I'm choosing the beach, Westport, which is on the western side because a friend told me that agates are easily enough found while walking on the beach.  Of course that will just leave a return trip to northern Washington of which we did last year.  There is still a lot to see up north, a lot that we missed last year.  We never got to walk the Dungeness Spit because of weather and the fact that its 5.5 miles long one way.  No cars are allowed on that road either.

In-between the overnight trips we plan on taking several day trips depending on how I feel.  I'd love to do the Seattle Underground but its walking on uneven ground for miles.  We'll see how I feel when we get the chance for that trip.  We might sneak in a train ride in Chelais while heading out to one of the gun shops J wanted to visit.  But I'm more inclined to seek out the antique shops while he looks for guns.  If we have time for it we'd like to check out Moses Lake, Lakewold Gardens, and the Museum of Flight.  J's been to the Museum of Flight with his family but that was about 16 years ago.

Things that I never got to do as a kid but always wanted to do are on my list like mini putt and go-karts.  Much as I love camping, I'm no longer in shape to do so and J just detests camping in all forms.  He'd rather stay at a B&B and with comfort in mind I think I do too now.

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  1. The closest we may ever come to camping again is being on the boat. And even then, we still get to pee indoors and shower. Have I mentioned how much I love the boat? Yeah, I guess I have.

    Well, I hope the trips end up being everything you envisioned and more. I know how much you need to relax. Enjoy. I'll be thinking of you!


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