Thursday, May 19, 2011

MRI Update

Back from the doctor's and I've got news.

Good news is that my neck is only a little worse than it was three years ago with a moderate narrowing at its worst part.  So its not the main cause my dropping stuff and having my arms go numb.  Turns out its my bi-lateral carpal tunnel being the problem.

Oh and I have tendonitis too now.  I'm being given a script for physical therapy with the doctor hoping that I can get in to be seen on post rather than off post as I could possibly walk or ride a bike to the appointment since I live so close to the hospital.  It would free up the vehicle for my husband's use without interfering with his work.

New wrist splints were given to me today.  I wore out my old ones years ago.  The one I got in December, well the nurse had cut the straps too small to be of much use to me.  Now I can cut my own straps to the size that I need.  I use a small splint but still if too much is cut off how could I possibly adjust for swelling.

I have a low grade fever which wasn't so surprising considering I have outdoor allergies and pollen counts are pretty high of late.  Chronic sinusitis is something I'm used to having so I use my neti pot daily and it does help.  However it can't fix the headaches.  So I'm going to have to break down and take some non-asprin in a bit to hopefully help relieve that pressure.  Unless of course I go crazy like in the movie Pi and take a drill to my head.  No worries that is like plan Z.  Plan A is the rest and acetaminophen.

I know there was other stuff my doctor and I went over but for the life of me I can't remember.  Damn Fibro Fog.  Oh and I did try to take notes.  I got distracted by the medical jargon and forgot to keep writing.  Oh well such is life.

Tomorrow's blog posting will be a little late too.  I'm having company over and want to spend some time with them.

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  1. I hope you're having a good time with your friends! If I have a big appointment I try and take someone with me as I can never remember everything I'm meant to, although it's not always possible.


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