Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ultrasound Gives Me Hope

0630 hrs and I'm taken directly in to the exam room and weighed.  Ugh I hate being weighed.  I'm still bloated from the cysts and I just don't want the further insult of finding out that I'm fatter than I'd like to be.  Next I'm told to undress.  I have the nurse from hell.  The nurse with no personality other than bitch mode.  It doesn't matter how much I try with this woman there is just no pleasing her.  She has a government contract so its not like she can be fired for being abusive until enough bad reviews come in.  The way she stares at me is so unnerving too.

So I get undress and wrap the thin paper drape about my lower parts hoping with slim chance for a bit of warmth because the room is so chilly.  Of all the exam rooms available at that time of the morning the nurse decides to stick me in the smallest.  There is barely enough space available for the equipment and me let alone my husband, the doctor and nurse.  Somehow we all fit into the room.

The doctor inserted the transvaginal wand and tells me what he is seeing.  He can see where the 9cm cyst ruptured on the right ovary and that the ovary has several follicles in it now.  Always a good sign with fertility to find plenty of follicles.  He showed me the screen image and I swear there must have been a dozen follicles staring at me from the right ovary.  Next he moved on the left ovary.  OUCH!  Okay that maneuver hurt.  I've still been in a lot of pain and especially since being off of the vicodin I feel the pain more acutely.  Left ovary shows that I still have two cysts but that both are now just under 4 cm each.  Its good news.  I'm happy.  They are resolving on their own.  Looks like I won't need the birth control and with luck these won't rupture but continue to resolve.

The doctor did tell me that there is still a chance as I rev up for another cycle that I could trigger those cysts to expand again with not being on the birth control and that it would take even longer for me to try to conceive again.  But I reminded him that if I went on the birth control I'd have to wait for a full cycle to pass after finishing the script to try and that I get migraines on them too.  Dr. B said that if they have to they'll surgically remove the cysts but that they prefer not to as it might mean removal of the ovary too.  He also said he'd prefer to not put me on the birth control as I have hypertension and the two don't mix well.

All the blood work came back negative or within normal limits.  Yes, even the cancer screening came back okay.  Or at least that is what I think he meant with the test about the markers.  So I need to celebrate a bit with the fact that I'm still lucky enough to be cancer free.  Maybe I'll buy another pair of cute socks.

I was prescribed percocet for the pain this time around.  Hopefully I won't have need for the pain killer after this script is done.  I really hope I don't get more ovarian cysts, well huge ones anyway since we know that  females need the cysts in order to release an egg.

I guess I can count my tan cowgirl socks as my lucky socks now.  I'll take all the luck I can get.

Thank you to everyone that kept me in their thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. Great news!!! I'm really glad you don't have cancer. Good luck with the next cycle xoxo


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