Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Neighbor Leaves

Today I hugged another neighbor good bye. He is leaving for Korea soon.  Hopefully he'll get the chance to stop by and see my husband, a gaming friend, before he leaves the country.

My friend is leaving the neighborhood not because he is just going out of country but because his wife has left him.  Seems to be a common problem in the military.  He deserves better.  She was not the nicest of people and treated her husband poorly in public.  Its not often that we hear about the wife mentally abusing the husband but it does happen.

So for the past two days I've been trying to help the guy out as much as possible.  For me its not a lot since I can't lift anything more than a stone's weight.  What I was able to offer was the use of my trash cans and recycling bins so that he wouldn't get fined for that particular item.. He still got fined $107 for various things like not washing out the trash cans, having the wrong brand of blind in a window and the floors, even though mopped, weren't perfect. 

At least he isn't being fined for having flowers still in the flower beds.  I was told by our neighborhood manager that we had to have our flower beds cleared of all plants.  So I'm happy to note that I might be able to get away with leaving some plants behind when we move out some day.  Unless of course the rules change again.

My former neighbor and I were discussing the ruined yards.  There is just no way that grass will come back this season with all the construction.  I still have a trench in my back yard that they've promised to have filled in by the 20th of this month.  We'll see.  Its been there since Easter Monday.

Tuesday 31 May I'll not have power for a good portion of the day.  If only I knew which portion.  I was given notice that they would need to enter my house to shut the power off at the breaker box, as if I couldn't hit the breaker switch myself, to change out the utility lines in the trench.  Scratches head, if they are filling in the trench on the 20th then why are they changing out the lines on the 31st?  Okay that math just doesn't work for me.

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