Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dental Appointment Today and other BS

Call me a glutton for punishment.  I have a dental appointment scheduled for this evening.  The bite wing xrays will be the easy part.  The hard part is going to be the removal of three cracked fillings, drilling, and preventing me from wanting to bite my dentist.  I hate dental work.

See I have really sensitive teeth and it doesn't help that I have fibromyalgia either.  With the two combined I'm just one big baby.  I'd say that the Vicodin I'm taking for the ovarian cyst rupture will help but that would mean that I'm lying through my teeth.  Maybe if I'm lucky they'll put me under.  I am bringing a driver with me.  Somehow I doubt that they'll put me under just for three teeth.

On to the construction zone.  I hear a chain saw going right now but off hand I can't see where the heck it is only that its got to be on one side of the house where there isn't a window.  I just walked into my kitchen for a glass of filtered water only to see that the excavator is back in my back yard.  Nice thing to see with a big open type claw near the window.  I opened up my back door and asked if they were going to fill in the trench finally.  They dug it out two weeks ago.  Not yet I was informed.  Around 20 May they will be adding in new wiring and possibly that week finish filling in the trench.  They were just there to dig it out again since with the rains it caused a bit of a mud slide.

I so can't wait for July.  July is when this is promised to be completed.  Earlier this week I watched a dump truck slip and slide with trying to back up over my right side lawn.  Or should I say what is left of it.  It's more mud than grass now. 

My neighbors that are moving out still haven't finished moving out.  I'd rather in some ways he didn't have to.  Yes these are the ones I've had problems with.  Seems as though his wife is divorcing him.  She is due to deliver their baby later this month but still she is divorcing him.  He is a sweet guy.  A bit whipped but being whipped doesn't mean he should have bad things happen to him.  He spoke with my husband over the weekend and told him that he is heading to Korea and that she has left him.  Their divorce should be final soon.  Really I think he is better off without her.  She has never been a nice person.

Mercury is finally out of retrograde.  As of 2 May it left.  Already I've seen the effects of it leaving.  Yesterday I received some back pay from an old employer as part of a settlement.  Not much but still it was nice to have.  The cyst rupturing on Tuesday showed that one part of my misery was coming to an end.  Maybe soon I'll be allowed to start back on the fertility drugs.  After being stalled for well over a month, communications with my lawyer over the workers' compensation case have now resumed.  Progress is finally being made on the construction in my neighborhood.  Things are getting back to a more normal pace in my life.  Thank Goddess!

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  1. What dentist do you go to Rebecca? I see Dr. Anna Spencer and she really makes going to the dentist a great experience. I HATE dental work, and I have NINE cavities so my anxiety towards the dentist is HIGH but knowing she is taking care of me, it makes me feel a little better. The medication she gives is amazing and she never stops giving it if you feel ANYTHING. I don't know if that helps you, but maybe you can think about switching because I know how hard it is to have a dentist that does not try to make things bearable for you :)
    Good Luck!!!


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