Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back From The Emergency Room

Well that was a very interesting morning.  It all started yesterday.  Yesterday I had my ultrasound which yielded not so pleasant news.  My cysts weren't going down or so I thought.  I guess the RE doc didn't know how to fully read the ultrasound.  Nor did she know how to use the device without inflicting major pain on my pelvic area.

I got home from the visit and my pain increased through out the day.  I never went to bed last night.  The pain was so bad at one point it felt like my right ovary was being pulled out through my back.  I'd sit and it felt like a rod was being shoved up my rectum and out through my right side pelvic area.  I think you get the point of pain I was in.  The acetaminophen wasn't keeping the pain at bay.

At 0500hrs today I could no longer take the pain.  I asked my husband to take me to the Emergency Room.  I couldn't sit and standing was making me faint the pain was so bad.  My blood pressure was at 164/105 because of the pain.

After an hour wait I was given a room and told to undress then don a gown.  My doctor didn't have a great bed side manner but the nurse was really pleasant.  I made sure she knew just how nice it was to see someone who'd smile.  Of course the Dilaudid injection via IV also helped.  Only sharp pain was felt after that liquid gem was given to me.

A pelvic exam revealed what I already knew, nothing to be seen as per an infection.  I knew I didn't have one.  The ultrasound was next.  A full pelvic scan and a transvaginal.  Turns out the reason why the RE doctor was having a difficult time seeing definition in the cysts, I have a third now.  Two on the left and one on the right.  Or so I thought.

Okay the doctor comes back with the results.  I do have two on the left.  One has reduced 1 cm in size to 5.5 but the new one is 4.5 cm.  As for the one on the right, the one that was 9 cm, well it ruptured.  Yeah, the reason why my pain was so bad.  Oh but its okay the doctor told me.  Sure like he'll ever feel ovarian cyst pain on a personal level.  He said it was blood filled but that too was okay.  Um, NO!    He shrugged it off.  Easy for him.  But what I want to know is where is the blood supposed to go now?  I'd rather it not lead to Endometriosis.

I'm to follow up in a week with the RE again.  One week earlier than planned.  I have my doubts that they'll want to see me so soon.  I was released at 0933 hrs and told to take acetaminophen for pain.  Really?  Seriously how is that going to cut the pain that I'm still in?  I was taking that yesterday and it did nothing to take the edge off the pain.  Sheesh you'd think they could at least give me some percocet for a few days.  The nice nurse thought he'd prescribe antibiotics because of the blood released into the abdomen however he didn't prescribe that either.  I was released without restrictions.  Does this mean I'm finally allowed to have sex?  I some how doubt it.  Not like I'm up to having that kind of activity just yet with the pain I'm in.  If the zofran doesn't prevent me from vomiting I'm to go back to the ER.  Well the Zofran is listed on the discharge instructions but no he didn't prescribe that prescription drug.  So um, what is wrong with this picture?

I feel like I got only half the medical treatment I was supposed to get.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture considering after taking the dilaudid I'm supposed to be on restricted activity for the day but yet the doctor released me without limitations.  Does this mean that I can disregard what the nurse said about not driving?

If the post doesn't make much sense blame the dilaudid for dulling my senses a  bit.  However I think I'm coherent enough to realize when I get the shaft at the medical center.  I think I'd understand the quality of treatment I received this morning had the place been busy but the ER waiting room had only five patients including me waiting to be seen.  When I left there at 0933 hrs the waiting room was empty.  So why the callousness of the treatment from the doctor?  Why did I only get partial care?  They evicted me even before the results of the several vials of blood work were done.  The doctor had me signing the release papers and telling me to get dressed and go when I still had the pic line attached.  I find that rather odd.  Hmmm....maybe they wanted a breakfast staff meeting and I was interrupting it with my pain? 

If you can think of a valid reason for my rushed and poor quality treatment today please explain it to me.  I'd really like to know.  I want to have faith in my military medical treatment facility but I'm finding it rather hard to have any today.


  1. I am so sorry you are going through this right now. This just sucks. Please know that I'm thinking of you!

  2. Wow, ummm... that sounds like a load of crap. I've never had a cyst rupture before, but just take acetaminophen? Really?

    So sorry everyone is disregarding you like that! I really hope someone takes things more seriously asap. Maybe a second opinion?

  3. I'm still in a lot of pain right now. Still have yet to get some sleep and I've been up since 0830 hrs yesterday morning. I called my RE's nurse and she put me in for a script of vicodin. Hopefully my husband will be able to pick it up for me after work. If not I'll have to put some real clothes back on and head out myself to get the pain meds. My abdomen is so swollen right now it looks like I'm pregnant.


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