Monday, May 16, 2011

Platoon Mom

Today arrived way too fast for my liking, but then again don't most Mondays?  I swear my head had just hit the pillow and I was up, dressed and out the door again.  Really I think I was.

Its been a long weekend for me and for J.  While I was having dental work and an MRI this weekend he was getting into his battle mode.  Sure its just training again but he always gets into battle mode.  J loves to anticipate and I guess that is what makes him such a good soldier however, its not always good to carry that mentality over into the marriage.

Last night while J was sleeping, I got to finally read my appreciation letter.  Yes the very one that I had asked for as a gift for Military Spouse Appreciaton Day.  He wrote a really sweet letter to me this weekend.  I'm going to keep most of the letter private but will share one little passage with you now.   
"...I love you from the moment I wake up in the morning and remember to think, to the moment I fall asleep at night and forget everything else, and I still love you in my dreams  when I can remember them when I wake up the next day." 
The rest is for me and he does talk about how he appreciates all that I do.

0240 hrs arrives and I'm awake.  The alarm has yet to sound off from its set time of 0300hrs.  I'm a bit ill this morning but its nothing that Loperimide and Acetaminophen can't fix for the major symptoms. I clean up, get dressed and wake J up.  He shuts off the alarm and goes through his morning routine, albeit almost two hours earlier than normal.

This morning we brought in Krispy Kreme donuts.  Yes we try to treat the guys right. After formation broke a few of the soldiers walked my way while J was loading up his equipment.  1stSgt D asked how I've been doing and said he really enjoyed the lemon bread.  I guess he didn't get the chance to get into the cookies this past Thursday as I asked him if he got any.  J said to him that he told him that they were there.  I chuckled.  My guys sure do love their sweets.  SFC B came over and told me I'm the Platoon Mom because I'm always baking them sweets.  I loved to hear that I now have a designator.  My head swelled a bit with the new title.  Yes, its honorary but its still nice to know that they are enjoying my efforts.

0530 hrs I had to leave behind my J for a bit.  I'm sure we'll be in close enough contact as can be expected.  Its just a short training time this round, unlike the exercise that was going on this winter for six weeks.  I'm always far from being alone even when I have the house to myself.  I have my friends on post to visit with.

0630 hrs I finally decide I'm tired enough to try to get some sleep again.  I went to bed last night at 2330 hours. 0830 hrs the phone rings.  I answer it because I know something might be needed of me.  Just because I dropped him off doesn't mean they've made it to where they are going yet nor have left.  Nope all is good it was my cousin calling.  I promised to call her back later today.

1230 hrs, oh my did I actually sleep that long?  Yup.  I'm up cleaned up again and dressed and now doing laundry.  See my life is routine as normal just with a bit of a weird sleep pattern today.

Oh yeah and I neglected to mention the little accident I had this afternoon.  I was cleaning out the fridge and accidentally put the trash bag in the recycling bin.  When I realized what I did I had to fish it out and put it back in the right place.  I opened up the recycling bin and it teetered a bit.  So to steady it I put my left hand behind the bin and the lid fell open all the way.  I cussed.  Good thing the bins are in my garage with the door shut.  Mind you I had fun removing my hand from the area it was now smooshed into.  I managed to pinch three fingers and it looks as though I'm going to lose the nail on one of them.  But it could have been much worse.  They aren't broken just sore as hell.  Still didn't stop me from doing the dishes from hand or transferring the laundry to the dryer.  A military wife is made of sterner stuff.

I'll find out the results of my MRI later this week.  I'm not expecting a miracle healing with the damage I have to my neck, I'm just hoping that its not worse.

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