Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Complications After SIS

Yesterday I had the Saline Infusion Sonogram.

Today I have:
  1. Really bad cramps.  Coughing or even yawning not to forget sneezing hurts like hell.
  2. I have a fever tonight.  100 even at 2019 hrs.  Not happy about either.
I will be calling my RE office first thing tomorrow and asking for an appointment to find out what the heck went wrong.

Something isn't right.  A low grade fever still sucks and my pelvis hurts like it did before I had the surgery last year.


  1. I think it is an endo thing because those were the most painful things ever for me. I literally bawled all of the way home and felt sick for days. I preferred every other procedure over that one. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. At least my fever broke this morning. Or not a fever since the RE office wasn't concerned.

  2. That doesn't sound good at all. It sounds like they may have nicked your cervix or something leading to infection. I've had very painful cramps after a SIS and spotting, but never a temp. If it goes up, go to the emergency room and don't pass go!

    1. Chick I wish you were here today. I so wanted to blast nurse. Seriously my RE office doesn't care. I should have gone to the ER off post as this one here at Madigan is horrible too. Just got to read through my records the other day and noticed from when the cyst in 2011 blew there was fluid from it in my pelvic cavity. They did nothing about it. I had to fight to even get pain killers that time.


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