Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last Update for Today I Promise

P4 is 13.13
E2 is 108
CBC was normal

So I ovulated from the right but lefty looks like it could still go.  I'll take care of that one tonight with any luck.  I mean it is Valentine's Day!

No progesterone support.   Lt.Col.B. said I am producing sufficient progesterone to give him confidence for the pregnancy unsupported.

Oh and once my Ten's unit comes back with the new battery in it I'll be able to use that through a pregnancy.  Yay!  Because the women with endometriosis out there know that pregnancy doesn't always quiet down the pain but can sometimes make it worse.

For my blogger friend that asked:
SIS is Saline Infusion Sonogram.  The person doing the exam inserts a speculum into the vagina then threads in a catheter.  They then pump the uterus full of saline and insert the wand to see what they can see for possible abnormal structures, fibroids, sometimes foreign bodies (not going there) and so on.  It is just another way to do a uterine evaluation besides the hysteosalpingeogram.

Hope everyone has a great day.  Mentally I'm feeling better already.  12 days till AF or Beta.


  1. *does a dance!* Thanks for keeping us updated!1

  2. Sorry for the roller coaster day, just read through all the updates. I wish they'd take you more seriously, but I know how that goes sometimes unfortunately :(

    Good luck this cycle, I'm still hoping for you.

  3. Fingers crossed! I'm glad you don't have an infection, that's a relief! XXX


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