Monday, February 25, 2013

Still Going

It is CD 5.

I called the RE office IVF nurse this morning and left her a message.  I'm sure Nurse J will get back to me as soon as she can.

Last night I had a slight fever at just over 100.  (100.2 actually)

Still passing large clots.

Still having a lot of pelvic pain.

Pain radiated down left thigh and goes up to my neck on the left side as well.

Hurts to try to squat and sit.  Feels like a rod is rammed up my butt and out through my pelvis at times.

This is the period from hell.


  1. Ugh :( Hoping they get back to you asap and can figure out what to do.

    1. They were actually supposed to contact me over the weekend with the answer from the doctor but yeah well we know how that is.

  2. I really hope they contact you soon!!!!!

    1. I can only hope. Just checked my temp and it is only 99.4 F. Hoping it doesn't go back up.

      Oh and I looked up the ICE report form and there isn't one for their clinic. Plus it wouldn't cover what I needed if I filed one for OB/GYN.

      I swear I'm going to have to go to patient advocate to file a complaint.


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