Monday, February 18, 2013

Lazy Day

Not much to do here today.  Well okay I could probably find something to do but I'm just so darn tired.

My rude neighbors decided to have parties on Saturday and Sunday nights.  Really loud too.  Last night's party they were outside and drunk enough they didn't care that it was raining.

Before it started raining the drunken idiots, I mean idiots, were thinking it was all sorts of fun to burn rubber not once but twice in the residential area.  I guess they don't care about children?  Funny how the driver of the car has a kid too and chose to drink then drive home at midnight with kid in tow.  Did I call the MPs?  You bet I did.  Well okay J called them.

MPs told J that it isn't up to them to do something about the neighbors.  We have to call housing.  Since when do the MPs not care about drunken idiots on a holiday weekend here on JBLM?  We still asked them to come out since J pointed out that housing except for housing only like flooding  of a broken pipe won't answer for emergencies.

So that is the reason why I'm tired.  Inconsiderate neighbors.  I can only hope that the next installation that I go to the neighbors will be more considerate.  They are truly giving enlisted folks a bad name with their antics here.

Symptoms Update:

Pelvic pain is backing off. 
Breasts have shrunken back down and no longer ache.
Food aversion to pineapple.

I think the progesterone is slacking off to more normal and AF will be here by next week Monday.


  1. Wow so the MP's wouldn't do anything?! That ridiculous, it is their responsibility.

    1. J convinced them to come out this time. But for future annoyances we are to call housing instead.

  2. GAH Crazy neighbors.

    Your symptoms sound encouraging, which can both suck and be good at the same time. I hope you're wrong about AF coming.


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