Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Swiss Cheesed

Okay one of us, J or I , made a boo-boo.

This morning I was looking high and low for the honey.  It wasn't in the high cabinet and it wasn't in the lower cabinets where the dry goods are kept.  I wanted honey with my Greek yogurt.

Where did I find it?  In the fridge!

I know my brain has been off of late so it could have been me.  But why would I put the honey in the fridge?  I know that J bumps around in the early morning hours before he has had his coffee.  Could have been him.

This weekend I went into the kitchen specifically to change out the kitchen linen for the laundry I was gathering up.  I grabbed the dirty stuff and put it into the wash.  I go back into the kitchen and just stand there staring and trying to remember what I was in there for.  My husband stares at me.  He knew what I forgot but didn't tell me.  Not sure if he is trying to help by not telling me but when I forget why I came into a room it is really frustrating.  Thanks progesterone!  You are making my fibro fog worse.

But I am thankful that I can remember to dress myself and feed myself so the fibro fog isn't bad enough to cause scandal.

Side note:
Left breast is sore and swollen so if I fell into something I didn't bruise and can't remember doing damage so I think it could be PMS.


  1. Oh gosh I do that all the time. I will go upstairs and forget what I went up there for. lol.

    1. Well as it turns out my husband was wondering why I put the honey in the fridge. So I guess I did do it. Laughing at my feeble brain power today.

  2. I do that all the time too, I have gotten to be so forgetful! At least it keeps us on our toes? lol

  3. I am similarly a culprit of always pouring things into the wrong vessel. Putting coffee into my cereal instead of milk was probably the grossest...

  4. When you mistake shower gel for shampoo and lather that in your hair, let me know...I have put honey in the fridge too!
    Don't feel bad!


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