Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scratching My Head confusion.

Last night I had a conversation with a family member, I shall not mention who, that told me I need to stop writing on FB what I have about the Army as it is most likely affecting J's job.

I wrote that I made cookies for the soldiers at the COF this week.  Um, is there something wrong with that?

J and I looked over my FB page and tried to figure out what this vague statement from a family member was in correspondence with that I wrote.  Nope, couldn't find squat.

Said family member mentioned that they didn't read my blog.  My blog is where I b*tch about Army stuff.  But I don't mention names.  I complain about as much as any other spouse and in all likelihood less than most military spouses.

I'm confused.  Where would I be complaining about the Army if not here? 

I have stated several times that I love being an Army Wife. 

I do complain about things when:

1) our leave gets canceled again

2) the soldiers aren't being giving proper medical treatment

3) I can't get in to see the specialist that the doctors want me to see because they don't have one available for family members

4) J is told to make an appointment for medical then the first line forgets and chews him out when he isn't where the first line wants him to be even though he is supposed to be where he is as in at the appointment.

5)  They promise to have promotion boards then decide that those on Rear D aren't worthy of going to the board then turn around and complain that the ones on Rear D aren't trying to get promoted.

I think my followers can see the valid reasons for my complaining.  Obviously my family member that is complaining about my complaining has no valid reason for said complaining as they have not lived a day in my shoes. 

So if you are reading this dear family member that says they don't read my blog:  GET OFF MY BACK!


  1. Family just doesn't get it! Ugh drives me crazy.

    1. Just once I wish this particular person would understand.

  2. The last time I checked, we still have freedom of speech in this country :)


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