Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update on Pain Issues

Lt.Col. B. wanted me to come in today.  I guess the nurse talked to him instead of Dr.C.

I went in.  He did a smear of the blood and mucus to look under the microscope and it was okay.  He said that I had a reaction to the SIS but that since the fever broke and the white cell count on the smear looked good that things should clear up.

He did order a CBC, P4 and E2.

Even though I don't tolerate pain meds well he did ask me to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and to continue to hot pack the area.

The ultrasound revealed that Capt Major S. is rather incompetent.   The follicular cyst on the right side is now measuring 2.5 cm but has a cloudy ring in it which could mean either endometriosis or a corpus luteal cyst.  Oh and she entirely missed the one on the left.  She said I had nothing on the left.  I have an 18mm cyst on the left.  Granted it was probably about 14 on Tuesday but how can you miss that?

I said absolutely nothing negative about Major S to Lt.Col.B.  I will if she continues to be an idiot.

So the pain is from the SIS and the possibility that I have adhesion growing back.  Dr.B. is concerned as he knows that J and I want to move on to donor eggs as soon as possible.

In 12 days I'm to go in for blood work if I don't get a period.  Most likely I will.

I'll find out what the lab tests reveal in an hour.


  1. So glad LTC B. listened!!! Hopefully things stay that way!

    1. He is always such a nice doctor. Good beside manner and he'll not mince words either. Plus he realizes I'm not an idiot.

  2. Finally, it looks like you're getting some answers! One question, though -- what's SIS again?

    1. Saline Infusion Sonogram. I posted more about it in the newest post for today. Can you believe I did three blog postings in one day!

  3. Fingers crossed that you don't have an infection of any sort. I don't know how those cysts could have been missed. What an idiot! 18 mm is HUGE for a cyst, egad! No wonder you're hurting.


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