Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brighter Day

Other than being sick yesterday I don't have much to dampen my spirits.  Still spotting with lower back and pelvic pain but no where near as bad as it was before.

I managed to dye my hair today.

I'll get started on laundry as soon as J wakes up.  He had CQ duty last night and our laundry room isn't far from the bedroom walls.

I'm looking forward to the marriage retreat.  This one is in Seattle.  Though I've lived in Western Washington for four and a half years I've never stayed over night or shopped in Seattle.  I've been dragged through it with my husband's friend looking for the utili-kilt place and I've been there four times for the two IVFs.

I'm not expecting much so if fun is to be had I'll be pleasantly surprised.  I'm going to the marriage retreat to work on the marriage not go out on the town.  I have good communication skills but J doesn't so that makes it hard on the marriage.  I blow my top easily, thanks to the borderline personality disorder and PTSD, while J remains calm.  J is the passive aggressive sort.  He'll still get what he wants using his own ways.  Our marriage has a lot of room for improvement and I do see us growing old together.

Side note...
Yesterday I watched Raising Arizona for the first time.  How could one infertile couple justify stealing a kid from another infertile couple even if they did have more than they bargained for?  Stupid premise.  That movie gives infertile couples a bad reputation.


  1. I hope you have a great time on the retreat! :) A friend of ours is a chaplain at Lewis. :)

    1. How cool. Do you know which chapel he is at for the most part?

  2. I hope the retreat goes well and is helpful.

    I watched bits of the movie when it was on TV when I was younger, and never went back to try and watch it after what we've been through. The premise did scream as another Hollywood "crazy infertile" baby snatching plot device.

    1. I've been on other marriage retreats in the past, last one was almost three years ago before the infertility mess of drug therapy, and it wasn't helpful. I'm hoping that we can both get something out of this one which is sponsored by the Army. Next month we are going to one sponsored by the MWWE ( We do have to pay out the for second one of course.

  3. Have fun on your retreat! I hope you get something out of it.

    I love the Coen brothers' movies, but that one...that one is just plain stupid.

  4. You should try to make some time for FUN! It helps marriages too just as much as good communication skills :) Have always enjoyed Seattle, have a great time!!



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