Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well I thought everything was booked for the labs, and tests but I thought wrong.

Today I called my RE office to make sure that J's labs were also to be on the same day and that I have my mammogram booked as well.  J's labs, because I just requested them, will be done the same day.

However, the mammogram cannot be booked by the RE office or OB/GYN.  Really?  My PCM has to book it.  What!

Yeah, the man that knows so little about my woman bits gets to book my mammogram.  I called up his office and requested to speak with a nurse about the issue.  She took the message and will speak with my PCM.  I really hope he understands that I need to get this done.  This is the same man that denied me the pulmonary specialist even though I'm supposed to see one yearly.  Same man that decided my lack of pigment on my neck was a fungus and prescribed me a shampoo for it.  I told him it wasn't a fungus and I'm right.  I did ask for a referral to see the dermatologist since I've had blistering sunburns on my face and skin cancer runs rampant in my family.  Of course he denied me the dermatologist.

I can only hope that the nurse can convince the man that I need the mammogram done soon.  I have to have it for the appointment or at least booked.  I haven't had one in almost two years because TriCare doesn't allow PAP smears and mammograms for those over 40 years of age but every two years unless there is a darn good reason why you should have one.

Hopefully the nurse will be able to call me back today with some good information.  Maybe even be willing to book an appointment that will work with my schedule too?  I can hope.


  1. I really hope your PCM makes this a priority and gets it done!

    1. Talked to his nurse and told her I wasn't comfortable with the doctor doing a manual exam on me first so she gave me the number to mammography.

  2. My mammogram is only scheduled based on my PCP's letter. My RE cannot request it niether can my OB/GYN.....so it may just be the norm. Hope he agrees to it quickly.

    1. I called Mammography yesterday and was able to self refer. Scheduled it for the same day as the PAP and SIS.


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