Friday, February 8, 2013

Odds and Ends

Yesterday I decided to suck up my dislike of sick people and go to the clinic to have my finger looked at.  It isn't that I don't really like sick people so much as I don't want to get sick.  I think many of you can understand that particular issue since my immune system is trashed of late.

I was able to get a same day appointment for the finger.  I did everything I should have when I found it to be dislocated.  I reduced the dislocation by gently rotating back into place and buddy taping it.  Followed up not by ice but warm soaks and heating pads.  Ice is mainly for the immediate pain.  I wanted to work the finger back into place.

I didn't see my PCM but I did see a PA.  She was happy with my self treatment but wanted an x-ray.  I said no.  I'll be getting enough radiation with the mammogram next week and I'd rather not start glowing in the dark.  Well okay I know I won't glow in the dark.

She said I have a ligament strain which she said means a tear.  She prescribed an NSAID gel (Volteran gel) to apply to the area.  Seems as though with all my craft work I'm starting to develop arthritis in my hands now.  Great!  I won't be using the gel often as I have have high blood pressure, asthma, and a stomach ulcer plus if I get pregnant again it wouldn't be good for the fetus.

So I get to continue with my home treatment as I said no to occupational therapy.  Sure I'd love to go but with one vehicle it isn't likely that I'll be able to make the appointments.  I had to quit physical therapy for the same reasons.  I told J the reason why I said no to the therapy and he was sorry to hear the vehicle was the reason why.  Well really is there anything I can do?  No.  He needs the vehicle since I work from home.

Speaking of working from home.  I really detest when USPS changes their rates.  I had to go through every listing in my shop this morning and delete overseas and Canadian shipping.  The rates have gone up that much that no one in their right mind will want to pay out $7-9 for shipping on a $4 item.  I'm hoping I won't lose too much business.  I did have some overseas buyers last year.

Last little odd and end to share.  Odd dream last night.  I was beheaded and sent to the underworld.  I had to die to go there first.  Then I was advised that in order to see things as they really were I had to let go of the preconceptions and judgements.  Things did become clearer quite quickly in the underworld and I enjoyed the dream rather than it becoming a nightmare.


  1. Weird dream!

    I hope the gel helps with the finger.

  2. I hope that jelly works out for you! It sounds like you have a lot of knowledge on how to take care of yourself, which I bet that saves you a lot of trips!

    I am working on adding higher cost items in to my shop to offset the shipping costs :C WHY THEY GO UP!?!

    Your dream sounds very interesting to be sure!

    1. USPS is trying to make money, that is why the rates went up. In August they'll be discontinuing regular mail service on Saturdays except for package delivery.


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