Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breaking My Fast With My Spouse

Busy morning around here today.  I've been attempting to blog in-between phone calls and laundry loads.  Finally I can tell you all about the amazing breakfast food I had with my husband this morning.

It all began yesterday.  Yesterday I went shopping with my husband and my bestie S.  We went to Centralia to look for antiques and to shop at the outlet malls.  All of us found some really good bargains.  My husband found his best bargain in the town of Onalaska where he is getting a new wood stock put on his 12 gauge shotgun.

After we arrived back on the military installation yesterday we stopped to get some grocery items.  I need a few things to make the French Toast Casserole that my bestie S shared on her blog the other day.  I had the bread left over from my own recipe the other day and it was so perfect for the casserole but I still needed more half and half and the pecans.

J cut the bread up for me last night and put it in the glass baking dish.  I did the rest to prepare it last night.  This morning I made up the praline topping.  I have to say this dish is divine.  I couldn't eat a whole portion it was so big.  It does serve 8 with large pieces.

Now I dare you to go make the casserole and not drool from the smells of it baking in the oven!

Today we are off to go to more antique places and to a birthday bar-b-Que.

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