Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking Day

Yum.  I'm baking cookies today.  Not just any cookies but a limited edition cookie.

Nestle'  Tollhouse has a limited edition dark chocolate and mint chip bag out right now and I bought a bag.  I can't wait to try out the recipe on the back for Mint Chocolate Delights

My husband can't wait to get his lips around these cookies either.  While I realize that not all the soldiers at the COF will be there to enjoy cookie day tomorrow the rest will finally get a chance to chow down on my cookies.  Seems like that when I make 5 dozen cookies its never enough and the container always empties out about an hour before the end of the day leaving someone without the chance to get a cookie.

So today I'm trying a new recipe.  It does make only 4 dozen but like I said not as many soldiers will be there tomorrow.  I have hope that the ones that want a cookie will find these as delicious as the previous cookie days.

This morning I awoke not just to nausea, no I went to bed with it too last night.  I'm giving up on my stomach.  But I was able to still make J his bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I don't often cook breakfast for my soldier because he is usually in such a hurry.

He asked me, "so why did you make me breakfast?".

I replied, "Well you helped me out."

He said, "I did?".

I replied, "Yes, you gave me my injection this morning.".

He said, "I'd hardly call give you a shot in the ass helping you out, but okay.".

I guess he forgets that its nigh impossible for me to reach around, pull the skin taught, and injection the PIO (progesterone) into my own butt cheek.  Sure I prep the shot each morning by drawing the 1ml out of the bottle with the 18 gauge then switch out the needle to the 22 gauge at 0500hrs.  But really the hard part is what he has to do and I know he doesn't like to inflict pain upon me, even if it is my hard butt.  Yes I have a hard bottom.  I've fallen often enough on it to toughen it up over the years. 

So making him bacon and eggs was just to show that I love him and am thankful to have him in my life.  Oh and I was in a good mood, almost crying with happiness type tears.  Lovely hormones.

Now I'm off to go start those cookies that I promised I'd make.  Maybe I'll have time to knit some more on my newest blanket and read a few more chapters in the book I'm almost finished reading.  I love to take a book into the bath with me.


  1. I want those cookies!!!

    My husband told me in no uncertain terms would he ever give me injections... he has some weird issues with needles. So kudos to your man for helping you out!

  2. Man, do I hope that all my shots are done in the office. I so don't want Sam to have to give me shots in the butt. I should know more in about an hour. Heading to the doctor soon. Wish me luck!


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