Saturday, October 22, 2011

Embryo Transfer

This is my precious 8 celled perfect embryo.  Yes I can say its prefect because the doctor this morning said it was perfect.  My embryologist was also very pleased with the growth.

At 1022hrs I had my embryo transferred.  They decided to do our procedure so early because of the Via duct being shut down in Seattle for the weekend and the fact that I arrived really early; our original appointment time was set for 1130 hrs.  I'm glad we arrived early too, because on the way out at 1107 hrs the traffic going into the city looked more like a parking lot.

I'm excited.  3 whole days pregnant.

Okay I know its not official yet because its only just been transferred into my body but I can still say I'm pregnant until a test says otherwise and it had better still be "pregnant" or I'm just going to go insane.  March is a long way off and that would be the next cycle we could get into to try again. 

J is all excited.  He actually whispered to my abdomen that he loves the baby already.

We really haven't decided on an embryo name as of yet but since his first initial is J and mine is R it somehow seems appropriate to just call it JR (junior).

2 November is my pregnancy blood test.  Three weeks after that will be my first ultrasound.  Wish I could get one daily!

I'm trying to not stress out.  I'm still eating healthy and the almost 4 pounds (3.8) I gained from the IV during the egg retrieval is now gone.  I was so bloated my face was puffy, not just my hands and feet.

Since I'm considered obese I'll really have to watch my weight during this pregnancy to make sure that I stay the same weight, lose a little if possible and gain only for the baby.  In other words, I can't indulge in cravings.

I really hope JR sticks around.  I really want a healthy baby.  I don't care what the sex of the baby is as long as its healthy; we'll work on the happy together.


  1. good luck! I know what the worrying feels like, i am praying for you!

  2. Yay for being PUPO :) I hope your little embie is settling in for a long stay!

  3. OMG I'm so excited for you that it actually hurts a little in my chest! And I don't even know you. How crazy is that???


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