Friday, October 28, 2011

Crossing The Dragon's Path

I broke down this morning.  I met a dragon.  I crossed its path and was tested.  Today was the earliest day possible for me to take a home pregnancy test.  I was hesitant.  As of last night I was determined to wait until Wednesday but at 0420 hrs this morning I changed my mind.

No I'm not going to share the results of the home test until I have the results of the blood test.  It could go either way still and right now I'd rather not worry.  Oh but I will worry anyway.

5 more days until I get my pregnancy blood test.

I can test again on another home test before my official blood work.  I'm scared.  Either way the test result comes out I'm going to be scared.

Right now I'm looking at baby cages.  I'm sorry to call them cages but they ARE cages.  Ugly wooden cages.  Is it my imagination or have the baby cribs come to resemble cages?  All of them look pretty much the same, wooden slats closely spaced together with no nice scroll work or embellishments done to the wood.  What happened to pretty carvings in the wood frames?  Yes, I realize they just have to be functional but really they've gotten way to minimalist in design.  If I'm going to pay a lot I want quality.  I want something that is not only functional and convertible but something that will be cherished and last a long time.

So far the only cage that has appealed to me and I don't like the color is Baby Venezia Convertible Crib but its way too expensive on a soldier's pay check.  I'll keep looking.  I am a research junkie.  This does not mean in any way the test was negative or positive either.  For now I'm keeping the results to myself and only sharing it with my spouse.  Oh and the dragons know my secret, they guard it well.

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