Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Morning Nausea


I feel, well, like I could puke.  Sure its a good symptom of pregnancy but I don't think its from that particular thing.  No, its most likely the antibiotic doxycycline.

This morning it was worse than usual.  I was up just before the alarm went off at 0500hrs, so it was like 0458 hrs.  I yell to J to get up.  Because my stomach was so messed up last night I sent him off to the living room to sleep for the night.  I mosey off to the kitchen to take my blood pressure medicine and the antibiotic.  I have to take the antibiotic on an empty stomach, about 3 hours before I take my morning vitamins because some foods and vitamins contains something the darn thing could bind to which would prevent it from working properly.

Three more days of this stomach killer antibiotic.  Its making my intestines cringe with fear when it comes time to take this twice daily dose.  I tried to go lie down after being up for 30 minutes.  Instructions say to not lie down for at least 20 minutes after taking it.  So I wait then go lie down only to have the nausea hit.  I'm drooling at this point.  Curling into the fetal position is of no help.  Really I wanted to die it was so bad.  I knew that if I hurled I would just have to go back and take more of the medicine if it came up with the vomit.

4.5 hours later I'm writing this post.  I'm still drooling a bit.  My mouth tastes like I've been eating pennies (zinc and copper if you aren't familiar with US currency).  YUCK!

J came home early this morning to give me my progesterone shot at 0720hrs. Between the hours of 7 and 9 are the injection times on the instruction sheets.  I prepare the injection at 0500 hrs so that if he is late he just has to stick me and run.  Right now he is being detailed out by rear-D to drive bus.  Someone isn't listening when they know he has to give me a shot each morning.  They know all about this and told him they'd cooperate.  They also know that I need the car later today to go to an appointment that has been on their white board for weeks.  Someone is pulling a stupid. He had to remind them about the shot so they let him go home to give me the injection then hurry back for bus detail.  He shouldn't be doing bus detail when he is still training other soldiers for a deployment.  Things are really screwy right now.

I'm not really looking for signs of pregnancy yet as its only been 5 days since my egg got fertilized and 2 days since it got transferred to my body.  For now its got to be the medicines creating the symptoms, progesterone shot and the antibiotic combination.

I'll have to look into getting a flu shot soon.  My REI doctor told me that there is no hurry in getting one and that I shouldn't listen to Nurse J, who last year scared me into getting one, since I have a mild egg allergy.  I don't have to get one but if I feel like I should I can get one any time even after I get pregnant he said.  He's the doctor so he should know right?


  1. Are you sure you're supposed to take the doxycycline on an empty stomach? I'm pretty sure I was told NOT to take it on an empty stomach, just avoid dairy for an hour before and an hour after taking it.

  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling so miserable. I hope this passes quickly and you're able to get good news soon! I read that with egg allergy you can ask them to partially inject you first and then they monitor you to see how you do before doing the rest. I'm sure there's a way around it if you do it. *hugs* to you.

  3. I don't envy you all these challenges. So looking forward to some good news next week. Love you, cousin. And I feel for you. You know I do.


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