Saturday, October 29, 2011

Food Ban

Yes this is just what I needed today and just before the holidays.  I really needed this reminder that because I have an embryo inside of me I'm now food restricted.

Okay so its for a good cause.  I gave up on Sushi some time ago, I knew that raw fish wasn't good for a woman trying to conceive.  It may be considered brain food but it can really mess up a pregnancy.

Now my wonderful cousin, she is wonderful and I'm not being sarcastic, warned me about food restrictions due to a possible pregnancy of mine.  Oh great, just when I wanted to chow down on those delicious goodies I bought on my food shopping trip this morning I find that what I want is exiled to the bad end of the refrigerator where only my husband is allowed access.  Yes, he can still eat and drink what ever he wants.  Grrr.

I bought pistachio liver pate' at the Hess Bakery today along with pretzels.  I love pretzels and I love liver pate' on my salt free rice cakes.  Oh and now I can't have the pate'.  Its on the No No List of foods for pregnant folks.  My cousin tells me that she has her favorite sandwich deli place cook her ham sub.  Okay so yeah I guess I could try to nuke my liver pate' before I put it on the rice cake but I like the pate cold.  Maybe if I cook it all at once then put it in the fridge to cool it would be fine?  Any one have a clue?

I'm trying to consume more protein in my diet than I usually do.  I started doing this back in August and its worked.  I'm still losing weight.  I lost all that I gained from the saline IV for the egg retrieval and then some.  I'm happy with my progress as its slow but steady.  As long as I keep my sodium consumption down I lose weight.  I kid you not that I will sit down and eat an entire 3 serving Ritter sport chocolate bar in one sitting then go chow down on some other snack an hour later.  For me its not so much fat as it is sodium that is my enemy.

As for the port wine cheese spread I have in the fridge, well its a good thing that J loves it too because as of right now its off limits to me.  I'd rather not get listeria and kill my pregnancy before its even really noticeable or give birth to a dead baby just because I couldn't control a food craving.

Tomorrow I had planned to make Beef Wellington for J.  Now I've enlisted his aid in making the dish as it means I would have to handle raw meat and pate' for this dish.  I'll help as much as possible with the cooking and baking but well yeah, the risk is there and I'd rather not take it.  I'm now paranoid.


  1. I'm pretty sure the pate is an official no-no. I don't know about the cheese though. They say stay away from soft cheeses, but that's because they are usually unpasteurized, if they are pasteurized then you can have them so check the label. Like most brie's you find in the grocery store are ok. Can you cook with gloves on?

  2. Alex you are correct. After further research its not so much the bacteria I have to be concerned about with the Liver its the Liver's Vitamin A content. Too much Vitamin A can lead to birth defects. Oh well I guess today's 2 TBSP of it were my very last. I cooked it well then it found its way to the disposal. Such is life. Time to ditch the open container of blue cheese too as J won't eat it.


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