Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Egg Retrieval Today

This morning at 0730 hrs I was in Seattle having my eggs retrieved.  I'm okay but unfortunately only 2 eggs were recovered from this cycle.

I am in pain and had to get something to eat before I could take my first vicodin.  The pain continued for over an hour before I opted to take another vicodin.  I'm allowed 2 vicodin every 4-6 hours and it looks as though I just might need them.

I'm not bleeding heavy which was a concern of my doctor's as he watched the nurse stick in the IV line and the blood run down my arm to hit the floor. Oops!  I guess she could have been a bit better huh?

My blood pressure was a concern to my doctor days before hand but today it was holding steady at 116/76.  Wish it were that good every day, then I wouldn't need my Labetalol.

J and I stopped for breakfast at IHop.  I ate half of my two pancakes, two bites of my eggs and I did finish off my 1 hash brown, I gave J my bacon, knowing that I'd need that fuel to prevent the nausea from taking the vicodin.  I'm not really hungry but I am sleepy.

I just took my doxycycline, the antibiotic they prescribed to prevent infection after the surgery.  Good thing I ate because that drug also requires me to have food in my stomach.

I must confess to having stopped at the German Bakery in Lakewood for a pretzel.  The carbs will do me some good and I'll most likely be eating only the pretzel through out the day.

So the physically painful part is almost done with now, just the intramuscular progesterone shots to go through with.   Now comes the mental pain of waiting to hear if my eggs are good enough to even fertilize.  If they make it to day 3 I'll have them transferred into me on Saturday.  I'll know more tomorrow when Dr. C. calls me with the egg results.

I really hope I get a baby out of this.  Its not so much the cost but the emotional investment that is draining.  I'm just thankful that J is by my side through this, though at times he has no clue as to what he is supposed to be doing to help out.  If anyone has any advise for him please share it here where he'll see it.

Oh, and forgive me if this post seems to be a jumbled mess...its the meds.


  1. Fingers crossed. Thinking of you. Wishing I could have been at IHOP. I love IHOP. And pretzels.

    Love you!

  2. Sorry that only 2 were retrieved, but I am hoping they are excellent ones and all you need (*hugs*) Take it easy, and I hope you recover quickly!


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