Monday, October 10, 2011

Three Shot Night

I have to say that my produce bins in my refrigerator are not filled with fruits and vegetables but they are filled with hormones.  One day I'd like to have them filled once again with the appropriate food items.   That's not to say that the foods  on the market these days aren't filled with hormones but usually you'll not find any of those foods in my refrigerator as I've moved to organic over the course of four years.

Never in my life would I have thought I'd be looking forward to getting needles stuck in me.  But tonight I am.

The Lupron injection goes down to just 5 units tonight from the 10 units I was previously injecting.
I'm already a pro at the one shot a night and so is my husband since he's been giving me the majority of the 15 lupron shots to date.  Tonight we add two more shots to the regimen.
J isn't too happy about having to give me the Gonal F shot as he doesn't want to hurt me and is afraid he'll do just that with that particular heavy duty pen like shot.  I think perhaps I should give that shot to myself if he is so hesitant.  However, he is a soldier and will follow orders so perhaps, I have to chuckle here, if I order him to shoot me, with the needle, he will?

The Menopur is a three vial concoction for us.  We mix two of the powder with one of the sterile liquid bottle.  Using a Q cap and mixing with it seems so simple but thankfully we have a number we can call if we have questions before we mix it.


  1. The Gonal F has such a tiny, fine needle, you really don't feel the injection at all. I've used it in several cycles (IUI & IVF) and don't find it to be difficult at all. Thanks for sharing the Menopur mixing video. I will start Menopur for the first time within the next week and had not looked up what I do with all of those vials... after watching the video you provided, it doesn't seem complicated. Good luck!!

  2. Wow. I had no idea how much it took for IVF. Thinking of you, cousin. Sending love and hugs.


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