Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Goal Down

I'm happy to report that I've finally lost just over 20 pounds.  Finally the first goal is met. 

Now I just have to get to the second goal, get pregnant, gain for the baby only, stay pregnant long enough to delivery a living child and continue to lose the extra pounds after delivery.  Its a long process too.

Just under 40 more pounds to lose.  I'm already noticing that my clothes hang off me, well except for my pants because the endometriosis gut is always bulging.

However I have decided to gift myself something nice this week.  Well at least I had decided on an item from The Hunger Site which will donate bowls of food to animals with every purchase made, but the item that I really wanted it currently out of stock.  Not to worry I'll still find something else to get there to make my weight loss goals a giving back effort.  I won't be the only one to benefit from my weight loss, I want a furry friend to get fed too since they've always given me comfort when I needed it.

Today J and I went to an antique mall in our town area where he made two purchases of items he's wanted.  I've converted him to liking antique stores.  I just wanted to go there to pet the two black cats, Peyton and Crybaby.  Seems that Peyton has been beating on Crybaby lately.  Cats do that from time to time.  I can well remember my cats wrestling for cat world domination on many an occasion, usually at 3am.  So I got my cat fix in today which gave me my happy and J got what he wanted.  All is well here in our little military home.

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