Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Its A Beautiful Morning

This morning dawned with fog covered trees and ground.  Oh no I thought, we are going to get a rainy day.  Suddenly the fog lifted and across the street the beauty was revealed.  Overnight the oak tree changed colors.  Its not as beautiful as the trees back home in the Adirondack Mountains but still its a sight to behold.  Well okay except for the trash can my lazy neighbors have left out since last week Thursday.

Since its such a nice day, albeit a bit cold for my taste, yes I've become a wimp living in such a mild climate and it being only 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I would get outside and do some morning photography.

I've always enjoyed getting up early in the morning except when I have to get an injection in my arse, when someone calls me in the morning asking a question that they should know the answer to or like when I was a kid having to get up to catch the bus to school.  Now I look forward to someday walking my own kid to school in the fall of the year.

This Year J is doing the decorating outside for Halloween.  I had only one gravestone and he liked the idea of putting it in the flower bed.  Yes I still have flowers and other plants growing.  Just yesterday J picked the last of the red ripe strawberries off of the plants from this particular flower bed.  Ah I so miss Summer.
 This is also the work of my husband.  I'll not tell you what is behind the black curtain as its a surprise.  After watching Martha Stewart's Haunted House on television last night J wants to stop by a hardware store this weekend to spruce up his scary look.  I don't mind one bit the things that he has planned as long as he knows what he wants to do with it all after the the 10th of November when the decorations have to be down.

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  1. Fall is here. At least the cold part is. Most of our trees have yet to turn. Very few leaves have dropped. And I can't wait for it to smell like the season.

    Enjoy your Halloween.


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