Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embryo Count

While I was out at class today my doctor called me.  I knew he would even if it was to return my phone call from this morning.

I gained 3.8 pounds from yesterday's procedure.  Um, yeah that much.  I'm not supposed to gain that much either.  But of course my doctor knows nothing about that because that is not why he was calling me.

Dr. C. called to tell me that only one egg got fertilized.  Just one.  Now all our hopes rest on this particular embryo.  Dr. C. sounded really hopeful that we will be making a transfer soon.  I too have hope.

I realize that one embryo isn't a lot.  Its only one and our odds aren't all that great but it is still a chance.

I called my parents to tell them that they are grandparents to an embryo and my mom was so excited to hear that we made it this far.  I've been keeping her updated weekly on our progress.  J's parents haven't been kept all that much in the loop.  If we make it to a positive pregnancy test on 3 November we'll tell them then.

I've already promised my parents that I'd email them a copy of the embryo photo.  Mom told me to put it on my wall.  No, I'm going to put it in my file of receipts, hospital bracelets, and test results all for infertility.  Eventually they will go into a baby book if we make it that far.

Our child will know that we did everything possible to give him or her life.  We want our baby.

I'm now waiting to hear how my blog friend Alex is doing today.  She had her retrieval today at the same place I had mine.  I'm hoping for good news for her as she deserves some happiness in the baby making department.

In the meantime I'm baking cookies under the influence of Vicodin.  LOL.  Its okay they are tasty and no I'm not going to put any of my pills in the way am I sharing my pain pills!  This week the cookies for the soldiers at the COF are chewy chocolate peanut butter chip and they are being made a day late.  I was in no condition to make cookies yesterday.


  1. Wish there were more, but glad for at least one :) I've seen several women with just one succeed so I am hoping so much for you! So many positive thoughts!

  2. I'm sure that wasn't the number you were hoping for, but as AD said, at least you have that one! I hope the transfer goes really smoothly!

    And hopefully the combination of Vicodin and cookies helps you to feel better!

  3. Yay! One embryo. Something to work with. Fingers crossed that the transfer will happen and November 3rd will be a magical day for you.

    Love you, cousin.

  4. I won't use the term "at least one" because that (to me) feels almost like it's being discounted. You have one fertilized embryo! YOU HAVE A FERTILIZED EMBRYO!!! I am SO SO SO happy for you! I know it's early, but you can go ahead and be cautiously optimistic and I'll be doing the happy dance for you :-D I am sending insanely highly concentrated amounts of positive juju your way! <3<3<3


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