Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gaining But Losing

Some thing is up and its not my weight.  My blood pressure has been remaining steady so its not that either.  This two week wait is going to drive me insane.

To take up those odd ball moments of free time while I wait I've started knitting again.  Not a baby blanket but it is a blanket.  I just felt like knitting before the egg retrieval and I've continued since.  I think I have enough stitches across so that it will cover a twin bed or maybe not but I'll find out when I end it off and before I add the crocheted edging.

Now to the weight issue.  I'm still losing or I was until yesterday's sodium splurge where I ate those precious last 2 TBSP of liver pate' I'll ever eat again for hopefully about a year, plus the Bavarian pretzel, and we ate out for dinner where I had some chicken and fries while shopping.  Yeah way too much sodium so I bloated up 0.4 pounds again.  No big deal.  I only have to drink plenty of water today and tomorrow and I'll have it back off.  But I noticed that yesterday morning I was  swelling up. 

Yes I said swelling up.  But why am I swelling up this soon?  Even though my digital scale says that I've been dropping weight this week I'm still finding that my clothes are getting snug, my watch is digging in and so are my rings.  My socks that were loose in the cuff are now digging in.   This is not good.  Even if I do turn out to be pregnant I shouldn't be swelling up this fast.  I really don't want toxemia.  I don't think my Army doctors are going to like my ballooning this quick either.

As for the abdomen swelling, either I'm getting ready for AF to start her visit or I am pregnant.  I have an odd tightness in my pelvic region that is bulged a bit.  So if its not a baby in there I'm really hoping I'm not growing a tumor.  We won't even discuss the breast tissue tenderness.

If I'm told to cut back on my sodium more I'm not sure what I'll be allowed to eat.  Already I cut back most days to 1000 mg a day.

Does anyone have any advice? 


  1. Let me know. I'm so sorry you are so uncomfortable. And I completely understand the way you pay attention to every little thing going on with your body. I do the same thing.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Hope the swelling isn't anything serious :( Maybe from the retrieval/progesterone?


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